CSRSNT-DAAI-041-of-128 – Caesuras

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  • Set of four color images 4320 × 4320 pixels, each 1/1 Collecting details at https://www.caesuras.net/aai/daai/ View full artist and collector rights in the included text file “artist-collector-rights.txt” Each CSRSNT-DAAI is a series of four curated images. The images are a set that must remain together. Each CSRSNT-DAAI is built from the CSRSNT-CAAI image of the same number. The images are PNG files that can be displayed outside of this lightweight image-viewer code. This code allows the viewer to explore the images at different resolutions. MOUSE/TOUCH CONTROLS Click or touch to see a random image location and release to return to the default view KEYBOARD CONTROLS 1 — Load first image 2 — Load second image 3 — Load third image 4 — Load fourth image a — Fit to screen, square s — Fit to the screen, longest edge d — Random crop, smooth transition f — Random crop, jump g — Full screen Spacebar — Random crop, one each minute + — Zoom in – — Zoom out 0 — Zoom to 100% and center Up arrow — Move up Down arrow — Move down Left arrow — Move left Right arrow — Move right
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