de|growth:generations – Jacek Markusiewicz
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  • Materials tend to take particular forms due to their physical properties, technological necessities or natural limitations. However, what rules should a simulated environment follow when no physical constraints are inherent to the digital environment? This project continues the exploration of shaping digital matter that I began on hicetnunc in 2021. Each token creates an image of a unique sculpture generated with a custom growth/degrowth algorithm. The image is rendered with a tailored raytracing script. — Depending on the device and CPU usage, it takes a few seconds (on fast computers) to a minute (sometimes more) on mid-tier phones for the 800x800px image. Click on the image to open the menu. You may choose the resolution from preview quality to a print of approx. 30x30cm. There may be minor differences in tone or contrast for different resolutions. In live mode: Click PNG to save the rendered image. Click STL to download the digital model to view on your computer or 3d print at home [experimental]
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