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  • Description
  • THIS IS NOT AN ARTWORK (at least not intentional)!
    This NFT acts as a donation/funding mechanism for a new project template Git repo, providing a compact, ready-to-go scaffolding for generative art projects aimed at the fx(hash) platform/marketplace.
    This template evolved over time and has served as basis for some of the author's own NFT projects (https://www.fxhash.xyz/u/toxi). The template is aimed at TypeScript (but can be easily adapted to plain JavaScript) and, at the time of writing, uses Vite as dev & build tool, ensuring an altogether great & speedy workflow with minimal fuzz.
    (In the future, I'm aiming to provide an alternative version for more advanced hybrid projects using TypeScript, Zig (https://ziglang.org) and WebAssembly (https://webassembly.org/)...)
    Framework agnostic
    Even though several packages from the https://thi.ng/umbrella ecosystem are used to provide various essential overarching functionality, the template is organized in such a way that the main parts are completely framework-agnostic. You should be able to easily plug in your own toolkit of choice, however I cannot promise to provide support for this myself (though happy to accept PRs, also in terms of further docs, how-tos, guides etc.)
    Example project
    A tiny, fully documented throwaway example sketch is included, illustrating the following:
    - Overall project structure & build commands
    - FXhash related setup
    - Static & dynamic configuration and state (re)initialization (via dependency graph)
    - FXhash PRNG wrapper & utilities
    - Canvas & SVG conversion/export/download
    - 2D geometry creation, transformation & drawing
    - Basic vector algebra example usage
    Keyboard shortcuts
    - space :  pause/play animation
    - x : download canvas as PNG
    - s : download SVG version
    In case of doubt, it's this example project what is used here for minting. The funding, however, will be used for the further maintenance of both this project template and supporting my other open source work. 20% are also donated to the FXhash development team itself.
    Thank you for your support! 🙏😍
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