Holons – Robert Hodgin, TENDER

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  • Manual Dutch Auction (DA): 325 · 250 · 200 · 160 · 125 · 100 · 85 · 75 · 68 every 5 minutes.
    Auction will stop changing price when non-reserves are fully minted, and then drop one price tier.
    Everything is divisible. Larger organisms are made up of smaller ones, entire galaxies are comprised of stars, planets, people, dust, and one effect here and now ripples into eternity. Nothing exists without the elemental components that have evolved to make them possible — and nothing on the plane of existence arrives in isolation from something greater. This enmeshed reality is the concept of a Holon: a whole that is simultaneously part of another whole. 
    As cells, energies, beings, and ideas grow in complexity, each new advancement includes and transcends their holons, the very catalysts of evolution. What does this essential process look like on its own when scale, context, and definition are removed? The senses are forced to purely observe the present interactions and reactions that occur between all parts. This is what Holons attempts to portray — the witnessing of birth, formation, and crystallization simultaneously. 
    Upon viewing each piece and inspecting its detail with curiosity — we can observe living reality that has been temporarily suspended from motion and artificially stopped for us to witness. Can we see what is a part, and what is a whole? Can we define what these holons are? 
    Let each Holons remind us that the impossible can always be made; let each one be nothing and everything — organisms, cosmos, energy itself — all at once, for it’s the creation of something entirely new that best reminds us that everything is actually made of the parts already here. So, remember to create without barriers or limitations because reality itself is made of that which lives now only in imagination.
    TENDER x flight404
    October 2022
    Press ‘h’ in live view to render a high resolution version of any token.
    Press ‘s’ in live view to save a .png of the current view of any token.
    Holons was created in vanilla Javascript and WebGL, but the majority of the work was done in GLSL shaders. This setup was substantially assisted by fx(hash) community leader and artist Liam Egan who provided technical assistance and emotional support during the project's lifespan. For this reason, we have included him in the split of proceeds.
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