How And How Not To Maintain Friendships – LIA

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  • How and How Not To Maintain Friendships charts the ways that relationships between people can develop or dissipate over time. Starting from different places, and different degrees of distance or closeness, friendships evolve over time. Sometimes we grow closer to others, sometimes we grow apart. Sometimes this happens quickly, and other times it is slow. Sometimes we become so enmeshed in our friends’s lives that our paths twist together, interlocking and criss-crossing in a shared journey. Other times we may follow mostly parallel paths with a handful of others, some of whom may head off on their own paths at different points down the line. Each of us influences the many people around us in different ways. Like masses suspended in space, friendship works like gravity on the people close to us, sometimes bringing us closer together and sometimes sending us whirling off in new directions.
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