Hyper Pixel – Corneel Cannaerts

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  • Somewhere between pixel-art and axonometric architectural projections, spatial compositions assembled from multi-resolution pixel precise fragments. 
    Hyper Pixel is the result of a continued interest in using projections to represent three dimensional object in  two dimensional picture image, and embracing the fact that all digital images are two dimensional arrays of discrete pixels. In that sense it is also a reaction against both skeuomorphism, or mimicking older media in digital form, and the push towards ever increasing fidelity and resolution. The project uses Military perspective, a form of oblique projection, or 45° - 45° axonometric projection, because these angels can approximated fittingly by square pixel grid. 
    Press s, m, l, x for exporting an image with increasing resolution.
    Press p for pause.
    Press r for refresh.
    Made with P5.js by @introspect0r
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