INSTRUCTURES #8 – Herman Pretorius
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  • Instructures explores the endless and diverse outcomes when a minimal and straightforward set of instructions are followed to build structures out of cubes. Between 4 and 8 instructions are selected and used to generate a unique structure for each edition. The available instructions are “stack”, “pile”, “plane” and “sculpt”. As a last step, flat and/or rounded corner details are optionally added to each structure. Each artwork includes the set of instructions that were followed to build the structure. These instructions can be followed to build new structures using other methods in addition to programming, e.g. sculpting, printing, drawing, painting etc., and I plan on using this body of work to do exactly that. This project is, in fact, the result of an algorithm initially developed to generate interesting compositions and structures out of cubes to be used as points of departure for drawings, prints and paintings. Even though the algorithm is focused on generating unique structures, the additional variations in scale, composition, colour, viewing angle and drawing style create an even wider array of generative outcomes. Some outputs are recognisable as three-dimensional orthographic drawings while others are more abstract. Instructures attempts to strike a balance between traditional art and the more technical nature of computer and blockchain art by blending visual cues from both disciplines. My hope is that the works can be appreciated by audiences from both of these worlds. “The idea becomes a machine that makes the art.” — Sol Lewitt Hotkeys ======= Each artwork is interactive allowing the viewer to rotate, move and zoom in on the structure. [H]elp — Complete list of available hotkeys [I]nstructions – Instructions for structure [F]eatures [P]rint sizes [Right click, save] – Save PNG image [Z]oom [W] Move up [S] Move down [A] Move left [D] Move right [<] Rotate clockwise [>] Rotate anti-clockwise Original artwork by Herman Pretorius, 2022
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