Modular Ruinology – Julia Vergazova

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  • "I can’t avoid the intellectually most compelling interpretation of ruins that Walter Benjamin attributed to the graphics of Paul Klee, Angelus Novus. In his Theses on the Philosophy of History he creates an allegory where the angel is heading forward but with his back first, because he is looking into the past, onto ruins and the storm that is pushing him forward. Today, it seems we face the opposite situation. It appears to me that ruins threaten us from the future. Yet we cannot go back to the past." (Václav Janoščík, Speculative Ruinology)
    Modular Ruinology is an immersive installation that explores the idea of ruins and decay in a contemporary context. The project is inspired by the concept of modular architecture, where the use of prefabricated and interchangeable components allows for endless possibilities in design and construction. In this project, the modular approach is applied to the notion of ruins, creating a deconstructed landscape of decay that invites visitors to explore and engage with the space.
    "The allegorithm of the game points to the ruins of a topology that is always supposed to arrive from the future but never comes" (McKenzie Wark, about the video game "Rez")
    Thanks to YulikolaY for getting the code ready for production.
    Made with love, AI and p5.js code
    March, 2023
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