On the Road – Julia Vergazova

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  • Adventure Road is printed and frozen with fading film slides from someone's archive.
    The travel diary becomes an endless Möbius strip, spinning in circles like a wheel. How to stop coming back to it, rereading the notes in the margins of your life.
    Aesthetically, I was inspired by Diango Hernández’s collage works and the book 'On the Road' by Jack Kerouac. This is a story about nomadism as lifestyle. 
    Neural vintage photos are used as material for blobs. Exactly those, that are hardly distinguishable from each other, and which could be observed while driving a car along an endless highway.
    Thanks to Yulikolay for helping with code, using p5.Riso.js library.
    Source images are made with a help of DALL·E mini neural network.
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