Primitifs systématiques – David Umemoto & anaglyphic

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  • Primitifs systématiques is the first generative instalment of David Umemoto’s studies of space and volume. Placed at the crux of brutalism and minimalism, these structures based on the original stackable concrete piece Primitif 04 evoke impossible paths yet to be explored. 
    The original Primitif 04 has been both preserved and dented, conserved and enhanced. It is still here. But it cannot be found, only encountered. Throughout your explorations of the Primitifs systématiques, you will find that its original shapes have been multiplied, rotated, re-ordered to create new structures. After spending some time exploring its paths, when you stop looking for it, you will realize that 04 is still here, intact.
    Lines of work chosen for this piece also draw a perspective. The orientation of the primitives pulls directly towards an intense source of light. Sometimes it is visible, sometimes it is not. This perfect alignment is a call to life. They who look at the sunrise with relief cannot be anything but hopeful. But how can we project life on a concrete behemoth? Stand long enough in front of it, and you too will see that we have no choice but to.
    Primitifs systématiques is the generative art genesis piece of David Umemoto. It was built in collaboration with Anaglyphic. It is the first collaborative spatial token made available on the  
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