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  • Generative animated artwork made using shader feedback and pixel quantization.
    PRINTERS is a study of rasterized type and bitmap imagery. It builds on the tradition of ASCII and typographic art, blending dithering techniques with chunky, pixelated glyphs. Here, the movement and blending of color is interpreted as a monochrome composition of recognizable pixel patterns taken from legacy video games and operating systems. What appears as typography is actually a custom set of 8x8 pixel patterns rendered in a GLSL shader that produces a conceptual tension between low-res graphics and high-power GPU computation.
    PRINTERS is designed to be both viewed on a screen and printed on office paper with a home/office inkjet printer.
    Press 'i' to invert the colors.
    Press '1', '2', or '3' to scale the bitmap glyphs.
    Press 'g' to download a looping animated GIF (90 frames).
    Press 's' to capture a single frame.
    Press 'f' (or double tap in mobile) to stretch to full screen.
    Made with vanilla javascript and GLSL. By @galoandstuff.
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