Puzzles of the mind – ginzi_o

  • Description
  • This is abstract art based on mathematical structure.
    The puzzle of your mind seems broken and rearranged.
    Mode has 2 variations.
     - Normal
     - Black
    Color has 3 variations.
     - 常磐-tokiwa- (Green)
     - 真朱-shinshu- (Red)
     - 紺碧-konpeki- (Blue)
    Color Level has 2 variations.
     - High
     - Low
    Square Size has 3 variations.
     - Small
     - Middle
     - Large
    Tokiwa is a Japanese word meaning always the same. It's green like the color of evergreen leaves.
    Shinshu is a Japanese word that refers to a dull red color like vermilion. It means vermilion in its natural state with nothing mixed in.
    Konpeki is a Japanese word that describes a deep blue, very close to azure. It's like a clear sky with summer sunshine.
    Controls (in live view):
     - Press [f] to switch full screen on and off
     - Press [s] to download a PNG file with windowsize
     - Press [l] to download a PNG file with large size 4800 pixel (wait a minutes)
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    License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
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