Quasiflock – Karsten Schmidt

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  • Quasiflock is a 2022 rework of a 2006 realtime animated generative system, originally one of the projects from which later my toxiclibs library collection and some other big client projects & brand identities grew out of. The piece was part of a long, multi-year investigation into particle systems, agents and the aesthetic of fluid dynamics. Even though the approach used here is very primitive, my overall aim was to create a dynamic (and minimally interactive/responsive) system, which is above all mesmerizing to watch and somewhat feels alive. Since the original Java/Processing version isn’t able to run anymore, I did some major updates and ported it to Zig & WebAssembly to give it a new life, more fluidity and a larger audience. Hope you enjoy! 10 parametric color themes (each with variations) 10 macro design/behavioral params (to control dozens more) optionally mouse/touch responsive (rotate/pulsate)… Made w/ Zig, WASM & thi.ng/umbrella
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