Rooms – anaglyphic & CMPLX

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  • Rooms designed and created by the mysterious architects of Web3. Documented and made fully explorable as generative tokens within the anaverse. Spatially varied and architecturally unique, each room has its own personality and aesthetic that await exploration and inhabitation. What will you build within your Room?
    Rooms were created in part to further question our collective understanding of the new Web3 world that surrounds us. It represents a chance to begin to define the experiences we seek to build together within this new domain. Each room functions as a digitally inhabitable space on the blockchain where you can curate and share your NFT collections in a completely unique, persistent, digital environment.
    This series was inspired by cmplx’s early entry on the Tezos blockchain known by the same title. View the original pieces here
    This generative token is You can explore it on directly after the token is signed. The gallery mode is activated on this token: you can use it to display your fxhash tokens, as well as any token in your wallet that is accessible through the API.
    This is a collaborative generative token produced by cmplx + anaglyphic. Each output is generated by code that is largely randomised. The creators of this token have a deep interest in the topic of digital-spatial inhabitation, and would appreciate learning of your explorations and experiences. Please don’t hesitate to share!
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    Rooms | cmplx + anaglyphic c. 2022 | PNG
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