Schetsboek – Lucas S. Reveil
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  • This is my little tribute to fx (hash and fam). During an important phone call, I was put on hold. Unconsciously, I began to scribble in my sketchbook. Research shows that scribbling helps focusing, but I dreamed away nonetheless until my pages were filled with scribbles, notes, shopping and a to-do list. Mint a uniquely generated page from my non-existent 100% coded sketchbook (except text typography). The page may contain many scribbles and drawings in pen, felt-tip pen, pencil, or less: often references to artists I admire, some in the form of loose scribbles, others in the form of riddles. Those drawings are drawn with code and vary. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to incorporate tributes to all art and every artist I admire. The sketchbook would never finish. Thanks to rudxane I know that it’s ok to publish something unfinished ;-). One reference that appears in every token is to Sol Lewitt, an incredible source of inspiration. His artworks consist of instructions. Your sketch book pages contain instructions too. You will find the instructions for the artwork scribbled on your unique page by pressing i. Curious how the work would look without the ‘distracting’ scribbles and coffee stains? Press ‘a’, ‘w’, or ‘g’. 800 x 800 px Press ‘s’ to save an image. Made with p5js and the amazing p5.scribble.js library by Janneck Wullschleger. Font used: Sacremento-Regular under the SIL Open Font License (OFL). See for the licenses of both. Thank you all!
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