Urban Flora – Marcin Ignac

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  • Urban Flora is a generative artwork exploring interplay of natural and artificial forms created by Marcin Ignac / @marcinignac http://marcinignac.com/projects/urban-flora/ The project was inspired by the 3/4/5G network infrastructure more and more present in the parks and greenery of our cities. Final Urban Flora transformed into a study of abandoned structures of a long forgotten civilisation. The whole image is generative and/or procedural. Leaves are parametric, twigs and trees use the space colonisation algorithm, and the geometry is based on platonic solids transformed though series of operations. Features determined at the time of minting: – one of the platonic solids or a prism – one of 15 geometry transformations – a color theme – leaves or detailed twigs – leaf’s spread and the amount of ridges ‘g’ / ‘tree finger tap’ – resolution and export ‘drag’ – rotate ‘scroll’ – zoom (on desktop) Please note the project needs a decent GPU. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 — With dedication to my wife.
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