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  • Urban Planning continues the exploration of abstract and recursively generated architectural systems that I started with the Recursive Architecture series. It plays on my own fascination with scale models and bird's-eye views, as well as technical drawings.
    The number of parameters that can be tweaked was purposefully kept to a minimum. Even the best planners cannot (and maybe should not try to) account for everything.
    During the late stages of the creative process, I read Jane Jacobs's 1958 essay 'Downtown is for People' and it played an important role in how I decided to frame this work. The last words, especially, stuck with me: 'Designing a dream city is easy; rebuilding a living one takes imagination.'
    What You See Is What You Get: the minter’s wallet and seed parameter are used to seed the algorithm. Your mint will look exactly as it appears in the preview.
    S - PNG export
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    Created by loackme, 2023
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