US – Iskra Velitchkova

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  • Un-distance is an exploration between digital and physical. Technology today allows us to play in an unprecedented playground of information where generative art opens the door to the most bizarre and complex stories.
    Being subjected to the computational limits & the randomness of some processes brings impressive outcomes that begs the experimenter to question deeply the nature of the results. This series is a game of stages of an algorithm created, throughout a thoughtful balance of lines, colors and overlaps to evoke a sense of an emergent spring.
    Because, what if technology is nothing but Nature talking to us? What if instead of trying to bring the human touch to the machines, we try to listen to them?
    Un-distance is part of Kate Vass Gallery's PHYGITAL exhibition. Each NFT of this series includes a unique plot (42X29,7cm) created by the artist. Upon resale on the secondary market, the artist does not carry any responsibility on whether the physical plot is included in the sale.
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