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100% Chair – Designing for Algorithmic Landscapes

Created by Radical Norms, 100% Chair is an exploratory project speculating on on the near future where humans and smart machines live, learn and work together. The project explores a design processes that consider Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) as a collaborator and a stakeholder.

In the first of series of explorations, the team are looking at the relationship between A.I. and a possible future world of artifacts and objects. To do so they developed an alternative design process in which leftover offcuts taken from various production methods are used as components in a rotating interface. Looking at the new generative compositions, the A.I. predicts the emergence of possible ‘chairs’ ranging from 0-100%.

Each chair they develop suggests different relationships with the A.I.’s worldview – one accommodates it (50% accuracy), one impresses it (100% accuracy) and one avoids it (0%).  The A.I bias is based on an open database of chair classifications done by millions of people around the world.

Created using TensorFlow Object Detection API, coco dataset, Arduino / Nema 23 motor and a web cam.

Project Page | Radical Norms

Radical Norms is an emerging design studio founded on the extensive experience of its three founders, Angelika Seeschaaf- Veres, Koby Barhad and Daniel Daam-Rossi. Having cultivated their respective design practices internationally, Toronto has become the place where they look to apply their knowledge and expertise as Radical Norms.

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