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Bridging to Physical – 3 Projects by Lara Defayes

Created by Lara Defayes at ECAL / Bachelor Media & Interaction Design, UV MapVanishing Shades and FOMO Survival Kit are a series of project produced during her studies at the art and design school in Lausanne, Switzerland. All three projects, and others that can be viewed on her website, explore the contradictions and opportunities of digital in physical.

UV Map is an experimental printing project. Taking the roots in cyanotype technique (applying  photosensitive solution to fabric), UV Map allows printing in a three-dimensional space via a contactless laser system. As the laser is directed at the fabric, it “paints” lines revealing the topography of the fabric. The project was supported by Yuki Machida, Research Assistant from the EPFL+ECAL Lab.

Vanishing Shades is an interactive installation comprised of six iPad’s laid on top of each other using the custom designed shelving system. The user is invited to interact with the iPads by tapping on the top of one to bring up different colours in others. These spots through each screen dissipate gradually. This project was producing during a second semester, guided by Gaël Hugo with technical support from Céline Dupuis.


Finally, Lara’s thesis project FOMO Survival Kit is ‘an uban survival kit’ that will take you to all the events you intend to go. The project imagines a series of alternative devices connecting you to events on your favourite social network while at the same time providing you with a well deserved digital detox without sacrificing physical social interaction.

FOMO is a new word in our dictionary. But what does it mean? Fomo stand for fear of missing out. It is a compulsive concern that one might miss something like an opportunity or satisfying event, often aroused by our close relationship with social media websites. Imagine yourself alone in the wild city, going through a well deserved digital detox but yet hungry for new social interactions. Is there any way to find your path to the next event planned in your calendar?

This kit aims to draw attention and make people aware of this intense, sometimes addicting, relationship our social life maintains with our social media.

For more interesting projects by Lara Defayes, including Jar of Secrets that records a secret in a jar and Drop Beata music sequencer that creates a music rhythm with water drops escaping from syringes.

Lara Defayes | Vimeo

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