[Sinusoidal Noise] – A study of movement in sinusoidal chaos

Sinusoidal Noise is a modular light installation that uses random oscillating patterns to create a larger sense of movement. The work comprises 98 pixels each of which fades on and off at a unique frequency. These slow, detuned oscillations create the illusion of shapes emerging, where light appears to pass between pixels as they move through different phases. At each instant, the emergent pattern is a unique snapshot of a chaos of sine waves. Each image quickly merges into the next; much like we tend to look for familiar shapes in clouds, visitors find themselves imagining relatable forms and observing unexpected transformations across the work.

The light pixels have no surface; they are rounded vessels that fill up with light bouncing uniformly on the internal walls. The visitor is unable to see any source of light, edges or depth within the pixels. When the light fades out, the pixel disappears as the eyes look into an empty space. This creates a soft and ethereal quality of light that moves gently over the surface of the piece.


Each pixel is independent and is powered by a small analog oscillator circuit. The use of analog electronics to control the intensity of the light allows each to follow a perfectly continuous sine wave. The modules are built identically using the same circuits and components, however phase shifts progressively appear in the piece due to electrical manufacturing imperfections, differing tolerances and thermal discontinuities.

About Kai Lab

Kai Lab is London-based experimental arts practice that creates electronic, mechanical and sonic artworks. All with backgrounds in the physical sciences, its founders place a heavy emphasis on research & development. The studio’s projects are driven by the desire to understand and capture the core components of intriguing, complex and beautiful natural phenomena. The observation of nature shows that the beauty of physical events is often the result of the strict rules of physics combined with the randomness of our chaotic environment. Kai Lab’s artwork aims at finding the delicate balance between what technology can control and what randomness can disrupt, to build objects and spaces that are relatable yet surprising.

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