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THERO – Device to (physically) manage online privacy

Created by Román Torre and Ángeles Angulo (Rotor Studio), THERO is an object exploring the concerns surrounding online privacy by the means of an apparatus designed to allow users to manage and be aware of their data traffic in a (literally) physical way.

The treatment given to the resulting object is artistic and precious in all moment, with a geometry and cleanliness reminiscent of an idol or talisman, which has a value above its material qualities. It has the value of freedom and the right to digital privacy. This piece opens a space for reflection, forcing the user to be aware of their data traffic in a (literally) physical way, in reference to the object.

THERO is designed as a “heavy” sculpture that encloses a device that blocks and / or encrypts user’s digital communications by allowing users to surf anonymously through the TOR network. The device acts as an access point to which all devices connect to, either directly through a cable connection or as an extension of the network wirelessly. Any flow that passes through it can be handled manually by the user, by a rotating the lid on the object. The object was made using 3d printing mixed with different materials such as concrete, wood. It contains RaspberryPi 3 with software programed in Python. OpenWRT version is coming soon we are told. The duo also plan to implement an API of sort in which with simple Python scripts, the user can configure the states according to their needs.

Project Page | Román Torre / Ángeles Angulo (Rotor Studio)

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