asdfbmp [iPhone, oF, CANApps]

Created by Kim Asendorf and published by CreativeApplications.Net, asdfbmp is a pixel pattern generator app for iPhone and iPod Touch. It creates a pixel structure by using a spatial partition algorithm resulting in fields populated by pixel patterns.

You can choose from 16 bitmap patterns and 32 colours. You can adjust the minimal field size, the probability of a new division and the proportion between horizontal and vertical division.

In the draw mode you decide which field is going to be divided. By tapping on the screen the field you have chosen gets split under condition that your minimal field size is met.  The auto mode divides until there is no more field left and it’s wonderful to watch. Additionally there is a mode menu where you can choose extra blending modes such as pattern, fill, outline, empty, random.

Kim Asendorf is an artist based in Kassel, Germany. Inspired by social behavior, the thinking of large media groups and the resulting gaps in these systems. Driven by curiosity and the basic idea of a do-gooder, he uses all the known techniques and methods to express oneself.

For examples see Flickr and for updates follow asdfbmp on twitter @asdfbmp_app.

The app is available in the AppStore for $1.99.

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