Experimental mobile apps by Devine (Aliceffekt) Lu Linvega

The App Store remains the biggest testbed for experimental applications, yet only a handful of adventurous apps are published these days. Thankfully some artist and developers still recognize this mode of distribution is a great resource, not simply for generating revenue, but as a place to explore ideas on a grand scale. That said, despite receiving thousands of downloads, a developer might only truly capture the attention of a few dozen savvy ‘intrigue seeking’ users—but these connections are invaluable. The following is a collection of mobile apps by Devine (Aliceffekt) Lu Linvega. When not drawing or coding, Davine writes music. He created a synthetic language which he now uses to explain concepts and create culture around his illustrations. He has an interest in game design and interactive art. He mostly uses openFrameworksProcessing, Pure Data and Ableton Live. The best thing of all, most of the apps mentioned below are also available on GitHub to play and learn. Enjoy.

Every time I create a new game, I work to find new ways of not having a language to tell people what to do. It’s really easy to rely on iconography, but I’m trying to create something that doesn’t rely on icons. I like this concept of “you don’t know what you’re looking at until you interact with it”. My new game… You spend most of the time playing it with your phone in your pocket, not looking at it, not touching it, but I want to bring people in to this world without words and without icons. My biggest audience is actually in China, and after that Italy. If people are curious, they’ll try something even if they don’t understand it, and there are discussions online, on Twitter and on forums about how to solve puzzles. There’s no social suggestion or prompts (in Hiversaires) but people will use these tools by default if they’re curious enough to ask for help. Read the full interview on kaijupop.

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