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Scribble – Haptic interface for autonomous cars to ‘draw’ through traffic

Created by Felix Ros, ‘Scribble’ is a haptic interface designed for autonomous cars that lets the driver draw their way through traffic. They draw a path and the car will follow, not letting them drive but pilot the car, helping the car when in need.

“For over a century we have been driving cars, enabling us to roam our surroundings with little effort. Now with the introduction of automated driving, machines will become our chauffeurs. But how about getting us around a road construction, or finding a friend in a crowded area? Or what if you just want to explore and find new places, will these cars be able to handle such situations and how can you show your intentions?” –– Felix Ros

Scribble is powered by an Arduino DUE that is controlled over a serial connection by a GUI made in openFrameworks. The GUI can function as a standalone experience simulating a curved road with traffic and automated driving capabilities. In addition, the GUI can connect to a driving simulation developed for Scribble using a UDP connection. If the connection is successful the simulation takes over from the GUI expect the sideways motion of the vehicle, this is still controlled by the path visualized on the GUI. This setup was tested in a seating-buck with 12 participants, more information can be found here.

The Scribble prototype uses bearings and is made out of 5 mm laser-cut acrylic. The actuators that are used are Frank van Valeknhoef’s Haptic Engines that allow for actuation, reading out position, and outputting a variable force. This made them ideal for Scribble’s desired haptic properties to display virtual fixtures dynamically. More about these actuators can be found here.

Scribble prototype: Arduino DUE, GUI: openFramworks (C++) using ofxAnimatable, ofxTextAlign, and ofxNetwork. Simulation: Unity 3D (build from the ground up for Scribble)

Scribble is part of Felix’s graduation project at Eindhoven University of Technology, dep. Industrial Design, The Netherlands.

Project Page | Felix Ros

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