sktch 2.0 [iPhone, iPad, openFrameworks]

Created and published by CreativeApplications.Net, SKTCH is a generative drawing application for the iPhone / iPod Touch and now iPad. Version 2.0 brings a whole new UI utilising Apple’s UIKit, for the iPhone – retina display support, two new presets, and finally after months of development we have released the iPad version.

iPad is where SKTCH really comes to life. The larger screen, new 3D mode and the new UI allows you to truly immerse yourself in your creations. During the development we have found that features such as file open/save do not really work particularly well with the iPhone, likewise the edit more allowing you to move points with tap and drag. There are some of many features we would like to implement in the iPad version, of course, if there is a demand. Thus, iPad version of SKTCH is published as a separate app rather than as a universal.

Please note that by purchasing SKTCH you directly help CAN, so we appreciate your support. Thank you.

For more information on SKTCH, see or download the press pack.

In addition to SKTCH, RetroScreen has also received an update now supporting reina display on iPhone 4. RetroScreen source is now also available for download from github.

This app is no longer available in the AppStore. Source code is available on GitHub.



2 comments on “sktch 2.0 [iPhone, iPad, openFrameworks]

  1. Is it still possible to get a hold of the app? It seems that it is no longer available through the app store. Would love to give it a try!