SKTCH [iPhone, openFrameworks]

We are pleased to announce that the first official CreativeApplications.Net app is now available in the AppStore. SKTCH is a generative drawing application for the iPhone/iPod Touch featuring digital artists we got to know in the past few months, contributing their code to the initiative. SKTCH brings together a very talented group of people, some that have been working with the code for a long time and others just getting to know it. The app was created using the wonderful openFrameworks, organised in a way to allow different artists to contribute by providing “classes” which are then incorporated into the app by mainly drag and drop. Every class or what we like to call “preset” uses 6 variables. First three are simple RGB colours, having control over how the colours change in their preset. The other variables include “n” which we like to refer to as multiplier, “t” for transparency and “scl” for scale. Besides these 6 variables, it was totally up to the artists to explore possibilities. The only rule was that the preset could not be animated apart from when it is being drawn. It would have to come to a still eventually, examples being “TRIANGLE” and “FIREFLY”. The variables can be modified from the settings panel, allowing endless possibilities for each preset. If the values were not sufficient, ie too low, this was multiplied, ie “n*2” within their class. Once all the presets were all in place, it was then a matter of organising them in the “draw” method so they all overlay the best way possible.

You can combine presets you choose or explore each one individually by modifying the properties in the settings panel. Here is what is included:

SQUARE – Simple square to get you started. Drag around the screen to see them multiply or adjust transparency to create fade effect.

CIRCLE – Another simple object (similar to square).

MESH – Generative mesh that connects line to previously drawn points creating a mesh style effect. Adjust the parameter to connect older points to reduce mesh extent.

DEPTH AND WIDTH – Parameter created by Andres Müller, play or words, use options to set width between the letters.

NETWORK – draw circles connected by centre points, size of the circle is defined by it’s distance to previous point. Great preset for multitouch, creating some very unexpected but beautiful results.

TRIANGLE draws beautiful generative triangles by connecting points emitted using particles.

Thanks to Kim Asendorf for both ASENDORF and SIX POINTS unique presets to Kim’s work. Adjust scale, span between the points and direction of pattern.

JOCABOLA is a simple but beautiful preset playing with the circle resolution. Create triangles/squares/pentagons and much more. Brought to you by Eduard Prats Molner.

FIREFLY also by Eduard, a particle driven preset using jocabola as the primary element.

CROSS is a preset by Martin Fuchs (deffekt) allowing you to create crosses and alter their size and look. Wonderful blend of color as you draw them.

KIEBITZ by Philip Whitfield (underdoeg), inspired by footprint of a bird draws amazing lines almost feeling three dimensional and last but not least;

Two wonderful presets from Mike Tucker; PHASE a simple weave of lines and ORBIT galaxy like swarm effect.

Some Tips & Tricks:

# Each preset works in a unique way. Explore each one seeing how settings change them. Don’t forget to try multitouch, works great on presets like Network, Jocabola or Kibbits.
# Use random button to generate variations on your current sketch.
# Mix and match different presets together, see them change in realtime as you modify the parameters.
# Take photos and make them background for your sketches.
# Try layering compositions by capturing screen of your current sketch and importing it as a background from your photo library.

We would like to think of this just as the beginning. We already have a number of other artists lined up to create presets for future versions. We thought 14 was a great number to start with but we hope this number will grow, doubling and tripling over the next few months. We also have other plans for SKTCH and these include a desktop app and of course an iPad app. Rather than just porting what we already have, we would like to explore opportunities that each platform provides so expect something special from each version. We would not like to discuss details just yet, but be sure that it’s going to be awesome.

Why purchase? SKTCH is one of many apps we hope to publish in the future. We are already talking to a few artists about publishing apps for them. We believe CAN is a great place to gather both those interested in creative app development and those that love making things. By purchasing SKTCH and future apps that come from CAN you are not only supporting this blog but also helping promote creative app development. So please, if you haven’t already, head over to the AppStore and purchase SKTCH. For only $1.99 we hope it will bring you as much enjoyment as it has to us developing it.

If you are interested in CreativeApplications.Net helping bring YOUR apps to the right audience or if you would like to contributre code to future version of SKTCH, please drop us a message at info[at]

If you would like to suggest features or artists for future version of SKTCH, please head over to our GetSatisfaction page and leave a comment.

Please also if you like SKTCH then why not help us with a TWEET to get it onto as many iPhones and iPod Touches as possible!

Get the flash player here:



11 comments on “SKTCH [iPhone, openFrameworks]

  1. I'm really excited about this app and got it as soon as it came out. I've been messing around with it since then and have just added a couple of sktchs to the flickr group.

    Thanks, CAN, for this interesting tool.

  2. Hi guys, this looks terrific !!!

    The result is really awesome.

    Unfortunately I don't own any iPhone, iPad or iSomething…

    So I was thinking, maybe I could write the same stuff in Processing (I do own a PC and an android phone).

    Would you mind if I did ? I wouldn't try to clone your app without your permission I mean.

    What do you think ?

    Meanwhile, keep up the good job !

  3. Woow, great :D

    Are you also considering an android version ? Processing is getting ported to android and porting from openFrameworks to Processing shouldn't be that difficult given their similarities.

    Can't wait for the desktop version already.

  4. Yeah, I just saw that (2 months later). this is a great news!
    When are releasing SKTCH on android market ? I'll buy it as soon as it's available.

    And another thing: do you plan to make it possible to add new “brushes” made by third parties ? Like, if I make one, will it be possible to add it to my SKTCH instance, like a plugin ?

    Thanks for your replies ;)

  5. > Daishi, as great as that sounds (adding your own brushes) it moves the app to a whole new level. I think a complete rewrite would be needed but in the future, this may be so. We are currently working on the iPad version with some new features + presets that will make it's way to the iPhone also. I suppose once that's out, we may start looking at what you suggest.
    Re the android, openFrameworks now works on the android so it's very possible…

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