Generative Typography with Processing – Tutorial

In this tutorial we will show you how to explore the creative possibilities of typography with code. Using the programming environment Processing, we will be going through a wide variety of techniques and algorithms. These code examples all have one thing in common: they start with type. But while they all use typographic base forms as a starting point, they subsequently move into very different creative territories. Some use an aggregate drawing technique, much like a traditional painting. Placing layer upon layer to create subtle trails or interesting shape compositions. Other code examples show you how to export code-created visuals as high-quality vectors using Processing's PDF support. Finally, some examples take type into the third dimension to create virtual sculptures based on the letters and words you choose to put in. Besides a great variety, these examples also cover a wide range of skill levels. Basically the complexity increases as we progress. So there is something for everyone: from novices to intermediate and even advanced coders. We hope you find these examples useful and inspiring. And remember, they are not meant as a visual end result. Instead, they are nothing more than a starting point for further exploration and creative coding. In this blog post we have included a preview image for each code example. The preview image contains the name of the sketch on the top-left and the name of the font (using the font itself!) on the bottom-right. This will also make the blog post a good reference for later, when you're looking for that specific sketch. Now let’s get started!

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