MovesMapper – Processing sketch for rendering location and activity

Tracking your movements has always been a tricky affair. At first there was Google Latitude that worked o.k. and it synced with Google services where you could download your data as KML files which could then easily be imported into Google Earth or Processing sketch. Google decided to kill Google Latitude and then there really weren't many apps that track your location in the background. Most of them are aimed towards exercises, for example if you wanted to record a single run or similar, but none are designed to simply track your location throughout the day. Services like foursquare may allow you to check into places but do not record how you got from one place to the other. Moves on the other hand, available in the AppStore is a simple app for the iOS that tracks your location continuously, uses very little power and is designed to run in the background.

What may appear quite limited in the features provides, the app is designed not to visualise data rather encourage developers to use their API to download and map data in the ways they like. Great news is that Nicholas Felton created a Processing application that utilises API to collected this data including places, distances and gps coordinates and map it in a sketch.

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