Process Compendium [Processing]

Process Compendium 2004-2010 is a collection of work and record of process by Casey Reas, co-founder of Processing, presented and created entirely in Processing. If you have seen Casey speak, this is another opportunity to examine and explore generative art Casey has been creating in the past few years. If you haven’t, (must) download links below.

Spoken by computer voice, you are taken on a journey by Casey through conditions, rules and elements that play a part in the creation of prints, sculptures Casey exhibited worldwide. From early examples of attributed behaviour to simple objects such as lines and circles to complex traces and colour trails these objects create, all resulting in beautiful compositions, captured as fragments of time.

An Element is a simple machine that is comprised of a Form and one or more Behaviors. A Process defines an environment for Elements and determines how the relationships between the Elements are visualized. For instance, Element 1 takes the form of a circle and one of its behaviors moves it along a straight line at a constant speed. Process 4 fills a surface with Element 1 and draws a line between elements while they overlap. Each Process is a short text that defines a space to explore through multiple interpretations. More..

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