The Future Fishing Training Program – N O R M A L S

Created by N O R M A L S, The Future Fishing Training Program is a film about a speculative device and a programme designed to allow users and companies to discover glimpses of a desirable future through stories and artefacts.

“Take a deep breath. Imagine you are 99 years ahead in time. Life is whatever when all of a sudden, a message pops on your water power display”

It is imagined as a part coaching, part co-creation initiative, and uses Fishing as an analogy and means to build a closer relationship with ephemeral and material futures through specially designed series of devices/experiences. Future Fishing Training Program is described as a means to expand on the future we are seeing and in making others experience it too.

The projects is presented in the form of a short film, user guide and a website. Those already familiar with the work of N O R M A L S will recognise visual/design techniques used to prototype the future, ranging from generative illustration, glitch, AR/VR, UI mashups and a lot more. The video was edited with Final Cut Pro, graded in Color, with post-production made with Cinema 4D models, and their home-made dithering, tracking, and filtering software made in Processing. They also used Processing for the fictional apps in the 7D sequence. The soundtrack was composed with Ableton Live, and the sound was handled via Logic Pro.

For more info about the project, see → or Facebook


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