KAZU “Come Behind Me, So Good!” – Music video by Daito Manabe + Kenichiro Shimizu

A collaboration between Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks) and Kenichiro Shimizu (PELE) for Kazu Makino, ‘Come Behind Me, So Good!’ music video combines photogrammetry and mixed reality to create a seamless dream-like landscape – invigorated by Elevenplay performance.

Over the last few years Rhizomatiks have cultivated this way of working through a number of past projects, collecting abundant data to realise seamless mixed reality work. The first time Rhizomatiks used photogrammetry for dancers was the project with Perfume in 2012 and then at SXSW in 2015, when the algorithm was only based on a silhouette of dancers/performers, not sophisticated enough to capture the detailed expression of facial surfaces. As the hardware developed, so did the work, as seen in their 2015 music video for Nosaj Thing ‘Chance The Rapper’.

‘Come Behind Me, So Good!’ can be seen as a culmination of Rhizomatiks’ research in the field, always looking for a ‘one shot’ with a seamless transition between the real world and 3D world. In this latest example, CG processing techniques that include the drones’ flight data, digital image analysis from 2D shooting data, photogrammetry data made from three dimensional 3DCG model, and 3D laser scanner data that uses laser emission to provide high-quality 3D landform mapping data all come together as one, perfectly fitting for Elevenplay dancers who were also shot with 32 cameras using photogrammetry techniques and then aligned into matrix to reproduce them in 3d.

All of this wonderful data, brought together in Houdini utilising its built in dynamics engine comprised of particles, wave effects, etc, all responding to the sound track by KAZU.

Hardware used included Faro x330, Drone Inspire2 X7 RAW, Mavic2 Pro, HOLOSYS, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, HP Z8G4 and HP Z840 desktops.

Project Page | Rhizomatiks | Elevenplay | KAZU

Full Credits: Daito Manabe – Rhizomatiks+Kenichiro Shimizu – PELE (Directors), Mikiko – ELEVENPLAY (Choreographer), Kohmen + Saya + Kaori + Maru + Emmy + Yu + Shoko + Nanako + Mai – ELEVENPLAY (Dancers), Motoi Ishibashi – Rhizomatiks (Technical Director), Yuhki Endoh – HEXaMedia Inc. (Drone Pilot), Genki Okamura – HEXaMedia Inc. (Second Operator), Crescent, inc. (4D Views), Katsuya Tsukui,Yusuke Hayashi – Picture Element (3D Scan), Yuki Hirakawa – +Ring (CG Supervisor), Kenta Katsuno,Takeshi Ozaki – +Ring (Effects Supervisor), Kenta Hasegawa,Takahiro Morozumi – +Ring (Digital Artists), Toshihiko Sakata – +Ring (CG Producer), Shunsuke Kakuuchi (VFX Artist, Compositer), Yasuhiro Kato (Match Move), Ben Conkey – TOKYO (Colorist), Muryo Homma – Rhizomatiks (Technical Support), Shinichi Miter (Costume), SAQULAI,Inc, Yayoi Kikuchi – Hitsuji (Hair Makeup), Kahori Takemura – Rhizomatiks (Production Manager), Hikaru Harada (Location Scout), Rina Watanabe – Rhizomatiks (Production Coodinator) and Takao Inoue – Rhizomatiks (Producer).

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