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What’s Included

Apart from a big thank you from the CAN team, you also get the following:

  • Archive: More than 3,500 project profiles, scores of essays, interviews and reviews.
  • Publish: Post your projects, events, announcements.
  • Education: Tutorials (beginners and advanced) with code examples, downloads.
  • Jobs Archive: Find employers who have recruited here in the past (over 800 jobs).
  • Discounts: Special offers and giveaways (events, books and media).
  • No Ads: No advertisements, miners, banners.

Why memberships?

CAN exists thanks to its community members. Your support allows CAN team to spend time researching and writing, related projects, and commissioning articles. It ensures we can keep the site as ad-free as possible and helps us do what we do best: showcase innovative work. Above all, we hope you will join because you think CreativeApplications.Net is worth keeping around, hopefully for years to come.

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely! We only ask you to cancel when you no longer need the account. Please check your ‘Recurring Payments Dashboard’ on PayPal. Either way your account will remain active until a year has passed.

I registered but can’t login?

Please check your email spam folder. Upon registration you will receive an email asking you to complete registration. There you will need to click on a link and setup your username and password. If you have not received email from us within 48 hours, please get in touch: members[at]

My subscription expired. How do I renew?

When accounts expire, we delete them. We do not keep your information so to use CAN again you will need to re-register. We usually allow for 7 days before expired accounts are removed.

I am a student/educator. How do I get free access?

Education Membership for educators, teachers and students is FREE. Please ask your tutor/teacher to get in touch with us here and they will share login details with you. We do not provide accounts to students directly.

Can I create a gift account for a friend?

Yes. Please get in touch with us for details. It is not possible to gift an account by setting up another using PayPal. It is however possible to set one up for a friend using Stripe payment system.

Can I donate instead?

Thank you! Yes, you can donate directly to CAN with PayPal, Crypto (ETH, Bitcoin) or for ꜩ (tezos) use creativeapps.tez. To learn why donations are important, read more here. For any other matters, please get in touch with us at

Ok, I want to become a member!

Great! Click on the PayPal logo below to subscribe. You do not need a PayPal account – you can use your credit card to pay through PayPal, just follow the instructions. Once we have received confirmation that you have subscribed, you will receive receive an email asking you to confirm your account and choose a username. You can then use these credentials to login to the site and access the extra content and features. If you have not received your login and password within 48 hours of signing up, please send us an email at members(at)

…but I have other questions!

No problem, please email us at members(at) or use contact form.