Resonate 2012 – 2018 – Exploring art, media and technology. Belgrade, Serbia.

Founded by Maria Jelesijevic, Jelena Nesic, Filip Visnjic and Eduard Prats Molner in 2011 together with the close collaborator Dragan Ambrozic, first Resonate took place in 2012. Festival grew each year, both in audience, participants and those involved in making it happen. It attracted visitors from around the world, like minded creatives to share their vision of the future. With 10,000+ visitors from 50+ countries over the 7 years, the final (7th) edition took place in April 2018. Here we remember those that helped make it happen and thank everyone who joined us on this amazing journey.

A Creative Field of Indefinite Extent, 2012

(introduction text to Resonate 2012 by Greg J. Smith)

When accused of being a chaotic thinker by the eminent sociologist Robert K. Merton after a 1955 talk at Columbia University, Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan coyly replied “You don’t like those ideas? I got others.” Fast forward 57 years and embracing a multitude of perspectives and conflicting viewpoints is not so much an intellectual approach as an evolutionary survival mechanism. We’re bombarded by an impossibly dense stream of media stimulus 24-7, and yet we parse that input to cultivate nuanced worldviews. We’ve taken less than a decade to rethink our daily routines and interactions as ‘machine-readable’ events and we effortlessly manipulate the social web to share, collaborate and enjoy the persistent presence of our peers – welcome to the new age of abundance! While it is naive to think that increasingly detailed data trails and heightened connectivity will allow us to ‘solve’ perennial problems like inequality, the distribution of wealth and unsustainable economic and industrial practices, we can calibrate this new milieu to help us rethink how we represent and engage the world around us.

To paraphrase another vintage McLuhanism, art functions as a ‘distant early warning system’ that reveals cultural transformations that are already underway to the broader population. While this statement was probably written with abstract expressionism and conceptual art in mind, it actually makes a lot more sense when applied to our current (flourishing!) creative era, characterised by an open-ended critical exploration of technology. One of the magical things about the talent that has been enlisted to share their work, insight and process at Resonate is that these practices do not at all lend themselves to any form of conventional disciplinary categorisation. Artist, interaction designer, hacker, engineer, impresario – these terms are nothing more than sufficiently snug straightjackets. If you want a prescriptive roster of experts in these fields and a pedestrian stream of conference tracks, order a ticket to a trade show (or worse yet, an academic symposium). The body of creative work that underpins Resonate is sprawling, diverse and adventurous enough that it undermines disciplines and career typologies that are just now being formalised. Scan through the portfolios and practices of the people involved and you’ll encounter precision-engineered interactive experiences, poetic computational design and audiovisual performance, trailblazing media imprints and new approaches for constructing narrative. This is a creative field of indefinite extent, and these are your guides for making sense of this new landscape. This is not a one-way discourse, but an open-dialogue. So please, make yourself comfortable, make friends with your neighbours, invest yourself in the workshops and performances, and don’t be shy about offering questions and provocations – it is going to be an incredible two days.


16-17 March 2012

Participants: Nicholas Felton, Jer Thorp, JT Nimoy, Greg J. Smith. Regine Debatty, Anita Fontaine and Geoff Lillemon, Niklas Roy, Karsten Schmidt, Marcus Wendt and Glahn Vera-Maria, Els I.R.L Vermang, Rafaël Rozendaal, Alexandros Tsolakis (UVA), Jürg Lehni, Andreas Müller, Chris O’Reilly, Calum Morton (WARP), Jonathan Puckey, Benjamin Gaulon, Martial Geoffre-Rouland, Martin Fuchs, Peter Bichsel, Philip Whitfield, James George, Alexander Porter, Jonathan Minard, Jonathan Richards, Richard Difford, Anne-Laure Guio, Gabriel Shalom, Shane Walter, Roger Palà, Petter Westlund, Jonas + Stephan + Steffen (NAND), Branislava Stefanovic

Performances: ANBB and DJ Spooky

Curation: Filip Visnjic and Eduard Prats Molner (Talks and Workshops), Maria Jelesijevic and Dragan Ambrozic (Music)

Locations: Dom Omladine

Festival Booklet (PDF)


21-23 March 2013

Participants: Casey Reas, Joachim Sauter, Zimoun, Zach Gage, Moritz Stefaner, Raquel Meyers, Anthony Dunne, Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen, Marek + Andreas (Spaces of Play), Memo Akten, Andreas Müller (Isac Andreas Müller-Sandvik), Andreas Gysin, James Bridle, Liam Young, Kyle McDonald, Karsten Schmidt, Matt and Hem (Signal Noise), Peter Kirn, Camille Scherrer (HEAD), Florian Schmitt, David Gauthier, Natalie Melville & Aimée Campos (Atelier), Auriea Harvey + Michael Samyn (Tale of Tales), Klaus Obermaier, James Auger, Golan Levin, Markus Heckmann, Ivan Poupyrev, Greg J Smith + Alexander Scholz + Sherry Kennedy, Jonas, Stephan and Steffen (NaND), Thomas Ness, Evan Boehm, Alain Bellet, Jakob Bak (CIID), Richard Difford and Anne-Laure Guiot, Shane Walter, Josette Melchor, Rainer Kohlberger, David Brüll, Eno Henze, Jeanne Charlotte Vogt, Greg Hermanovic + Isabelle Rousset (TouchDesigner), Lucas Werthein, Anne Ehlers, Jordan Hale, Tim Dillon, Barry Threw (Obscura Digital), Dmitry Napolov (Sila Sveta), Jason Van Cleave, Gael Hugo, Joanie Lemercier, Joanne McNeil, Julia Laub, Marcos and Vera (FIELD), Jose Sanchez, Marcin Ignac, Mike Tucker

Performances: Valens, Pantha du Price, Belgrade Presents, Mouse on Mars, Marko Nastic and Friends, Jan Nemeček, Dinky, Monosaccharide

Curation: Filip Visnjic and Eduard Prats Molner (Talks and Workshops), Maria Jelesijevic and Dragan Ambrozic (Music)

Locations: Dom Omladine

Festival Booklet (PDF)


3-5 April 2014

Participants: Aaron Koblin, Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks), Karsten Schmidt, Yuri Suzuki, Mark McKeague, Sunni Pavlovic (That Game Company), Joe Gerhardt (Semiconductor), Paul Prudence, Ilona Gaynor, Douglas Edric Stanley, Jonathan Puckey (Studio Moniker), Luna Maurer (Studio Moniker), Karolin Maurer, Moritz Stefaner, Dominikus Baur, Theo Spyropoulos (Minimaforms, AADRL), Andreas Gysin, Manuel Jimenez Garcia (Bartlett), Michael Szivos (SoftLab), Jussi Ängeslevä (ART+COM, UdK), Wesley Grubbs (Pitch Interactive), Gabriele Rossi and Giorgia Lupi (Accurat), Elliot Woods and Mimi Son (Kimchi and Chips), Joshua Noble (Frog Design), Andrea Cuius, Andreas Muller, Pablo Garcia, Anna Sideri, Artemis Karaiskou, Antonis Lalos (Energy Accreted Ecologies), HOLO, Alexander Rodic, Shane Walter (onedotzero), Klaus Obermier, Kyle McDonald, David Brüll + Jeanne Charlotte Vogt + Eno Henze + Woeishi Lean + Joreg, Florian Jenett, Julian Adenauer, Andreas Nicolas Fischer, Benedikt Groß, Cedric Kiefer (Onformative), Joanie Lemercier, Andreas Schlegel, Dennis Paul, Jaume Sánchez, Sasha Gavrilova (Stain) + Sergey Titov, Cyril Diagne (Lab212), Ludwig Zeller, Julia Puyo and Patrick Paleta (Chevalvert), Richard Banks, Justin Windle, Nicholas Felton, Travis Kirton, Jakob Bak + David Gauthier, Matthieu Cherubini, Johannes Timpernagel, Rachel Binx and Sha Hwang, Max Göttner, Luca Lolli, Peter Kirn

Performances: Jan Nemecek, John Talabot, Marko Nastic, Ilija Ludvig, Resonate Concentio, Kanda, Kodža and Nebojša, Paul Prudence, Bryan Chapman, Monosaccharide

Curation: Filip Visnjic and Eduard Prats Molner (Talks and Workshops), Maria Jelesijevic and Dragan Ambrozic (Music)

Locations: Kinoteka, Kolarac, Nova Iskra, Parobrod

Festival Booklet (PDF)


13-18 April 2015

Participants: Kim Asendorf, Andreas Müller, Ricardo Cabello, Jaume Sánchez, Adam Magyar, Karsten Schmidt, Jesper Kouthoofd (Teenage Engineering), Sabrina Ratté, Roger Tellier Craig, Max Hattler, Lauren McCarthy, Micah Elizabeth Scott, Alex McLean, Robin McNicholas (Marshmallow Laser Feast), Paul Skinner (Tellart), Arthur Carabott, Arturo Castro & Tim Gfrerer, James Acres, Zach Lieberman, James George & Alexander Porter, Jack Schulze, Irini Papadimitriou, Sitraka Rakotoniaina, Shane Walter (onedotzero), Marcus Wendt & Vera-Maria Glahn (FIELD), Moritz Stefaner, Dominikus Baur, Cod.Act, Michel Décosterd, André Décosterd, Joshua Noble, Eric Raynaud, Andrea Cuius, Ruairi Glynn (Interactive Architecture Lab – Bartlett), David Penney, Bare Conductive, Matt Mullins Johnson, Stefan Dzisiewski-Smith, Stefanie Posavec, Woeishi Lean (woei), Johannes Lemke (readme), Andreas Gysin, Phoenix Perry, Joanie LeMercier, Juliette Bibasse, Nicolas Nova, Ross Cairns, Tommaso Lanza, Paulien Dresscher, Elliot Woods & Mimi Son, Kyle McDonald, Daito Manabe, Klaus Obermaier, Santi Vilanova, Eloi Maduell, Irma Vilà, Jakob Bak, Prof. Dennis P Paul, Nelly Ben Hayoun, Refik Anadol, Nora O Murchú, Lina Franke, Joshua Batty, Timo Arnall, Siuli Ko, Owen Hindley, Valtteri Laihanen, Matteo Zamagni, Paul Skinne, Christian Ervin and Pierluigi Dalla Rosa, Alain Bellet, Gieske and Jorg STRP, Isidora Ficovic, Stewart Davies, Ischa Havens, Pecht Guido Tegest

Performances: Inc., Sons of Magdalene, Terre Thaemlitz, Frown, Le Revelateur, Lichens, Senyawa, Yuri Landman, Ben Frost, Sculpture, Machinefabriek, Wouter Van Veldhoven, Nemanja Acimovic, HETEM, Emika, Andy Stott, Rob Clouth, Olga Bell, Thinker, Jan Nemecek, Machinedrum, Simian Mobile Disco, SOPHIE, Radan, Feloneezy, Blixa Bargeld, Fennesz + Lillevan, Rrose, Kamran Sadeghi, Marko Nastic/Marko Milosavljevic, Stevie Whisper, Lenhart Tapes, Vlada Janjic

Curation: Eduard Prats Molner (Talks and Workshops), Maria Jelesijevic, Jan Nemecek and Dragan Ambrozic (Music)

Locations: Kinoteka, Dom Omladine, Drugstore, Tube, Depo, Monsun


12-16 April 2016

Participants: Nicholas Felton, Phoenix Perry, Rebecca Fiebrink (Goldsmiths), Atau Tanaka (Goldsmiths), Sakchin Bessette (Moment Factory), Andreas Müller, Karsten Schmidt, Daniel Hirschmann, Random Studio (Daan Lucas and Carsten), Neil Mendoza, Jakob Bak, Dennis P Paul (HfK), Pe Lang, Romain Tardy, Murat Pak, Chris Sugrue, Ishac Bertran, Jon Wohl, James Auger, Louis Mustill (Artists & Engineers), Shane Walter (onedotzero), Playmodes (Irma Vilà, Eloi Maduell and Santi Vilanova), Cathrine Kramer, Jaume Sánchez + Ricardo Cabello, Pau Garcia (Domestic Data Streamers), Sebastian Gregor + Elias Holzer / NODE, Darsha Hewitt, Bethany Koby, Patricio Gonzalez Vivo, Joshua Noble, Félicien Goguey & Daniel Sciboz (HEAD), Elliot Woods, Memo Akten, Gael Hugo (ECAL), Travis Kirton + 2 (Jayme Cochrane, Jake Lim), Dan Hett (BBC), Nicholas Boritch, Katarina Markovic, Zazralt Magic, Elie Zananiri, Pablo R. Garcia, Mariska de Groot, Simon Parlange, Jean-Emanuel Rosnet, Kris Hermansson (Resn), Gorka Cortazar, Artificial Rome, Jon Fass & Kevin Walker (RCA), Sophi Kravitz, Refik Anadol

Performances: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Kimchi and Chips, Matthew Collin, Rudi Punzo, Razmasynth, Rashad Becker, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Pierre Bastien, Alec Empire, Deepist, Ninos Du Brasil, Omar Souleyman, Daniel Miller, Squarepusher, Dopplereffekt, Holly Herndon, Dadub, Peter Van Hoesen

Curation: Eduard Prats Molner (Talks and Workshops), Nora O Murchú (Exhibition), Maria Jelesijevic, Jan Nemecek and Dragan Ambrozic (Music)

Locations: Kinoteka, Dom Omladine, Drugstore, Tube, Depo, Monsun


19-22 April 2017

Participants: Alan Butler, Alan Warburton, Alessandro Ludovico, Christopher Bauder, Daniel Temkin, Eva Papamargariti, Florence To, Gabrielle Jenks (And Festival), Gene Kogan + Andreas Refsgaard, Geoffrey Lillemon + Anita Fontaine, Jeremy Bailey, Joana Moll, Jotta Studio (Ben James), Julie Freeman, Kate Sicchio, Lawrence Lek, Marius Watz, Martin Schneider, Matthew Plummer Fernandez, Nicolas Sassoon, Normals, Pablo Valbuena, Pussykrew (Tikul and mi$ gogo), Ralf Baecker, Regine Debatty, Rick Silva, Rosa Menkman, Sebastian Schmieg, Thomson & Craighead, Yosuke Ushigome, Nick Ward, Mateusz Marpi

Exhibition: Florence To, Nicolas Sassoon and Rick Silva

Performance: Thomas Ankersmit + Phill Niblock, Phill Niblock, Roly Porter, AGF, Peder Mannerfelt, ​Dimitri Hegemann, ​Hans Nieswandt, Lee Ranaldo, Anna von Hausswolff, Stephen O’Malley, Biosphere, Mykki Blanco, Yves Tumor, Vvhile, Woo, Mirko Lazovic&Nenad Popov, Alba Corral & Regen, Jonas Gruska, Addison Groove, Ade Kaleh i Jichael Michlson, Chain of Flowers, Jonas Gruska, Otto Mikonen, Stivie Whisper, Kristijan Suvakovic + Vladica, Marko Nastic, Mystic Stylez, Rastko Lazic

Curation: Nora O Murchú (Talks and Workshops), Maria Jelesijevic, Luka and Dragan Ambrozic (Music)

Locations: Kinoteka, KC Grad, Dom Omladine, Drugstore, Prozor Gallery


18-21 April 2018

Participants: Ruairi Glynn, Faith Holland, South Kiosk, Seth Watter, Jan Robert Leegte, Ali M. Demirel, Anthony Antonellis, Jun Seo Hahm, Paul Bailey, Caroline Sinders, Jan Nikolai Nelles, Franc Camps-Febrer, Britt Wray, Adrian Sherwood, Valerie Perrin, Mario Klingemann

Performance: Mohammad/MMMD, Marko Nastic & Okain, Brainrave, Alessandro Cortini, Tim Hacker, Caterina Barbieri, Schwabe & Vitanov all night long