Amelia and the Machine – Choreography with autonomous moving systems

‘Amelia and the Machine’ is the first in a series of investigations of creative human-robot teams led by Dr. Kate Sicchio (choreography) and Dr. Patrick Martin (robotics). It explores gestures of the robot arm as a starting point for a duet. Interacting through mimicry, timings and spatial patterns, this piece examines choreography beyond our own human bodies and how we begin to dance with machines.

By creating choreographic performances with dancers and robots the team aims to explore movement, improvisation and intertwined moments of creativity as a way to examine how autonomous moving systems can learn from dancers and how choreography can be expanded through the use of bodies beyond humans.

Created with LoCoBot mobile manipulator robot and custom python script

Project Page | Kate Sicchio | Patrick Martin

Choreography: Kate Sicchio, Alicia Olivo
Dancer: Amelia Virtue
Robotics: Patrick Martin, Charlies Dietzel, Alicia Olivo
Music: Melody Loveless, Kate Sicchio
Video Projection: Tamara Denson, Taylor Colimore, Kate Sicchio