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Amygdala MKI –– Artificially intelligent prosthesis

Created by Marco Donnarumma in collaboration with Neurobotics Research Laboratory and Ana Rajcevic Studio, Amygdala MKI is a prototype for an artificially intelligent prosthesis with only aim is to learn a purification ritual of “skin-cutting” found in animistic tribes, so it trains on its own body, endlessly.

Rituals of purification and AI technology share a key role in the politics surrounding the human body. Rituals of purification are among the most ancient means of social categorization. In both animistic tribes and religious societies, access to social positions is granted only to those who performs particular rituals. In a similar and dangerous way, AI algorithms are used today to categorize human bodies and regulate their access to medical assistance, social welfare and criminal systems.

Amygdala uses adaptive neural networks to learn a ritual of skin cutting by training on itself. By exploring its own body and environment the robot learn how to move and how to cut its skin. The robot is constructed from organic artificial skin, artist’s hair, wax, FPGA computer board, custom AI software (adaptive neural networks), servo motors and aluminium chassis.

Project PageMarco Donnarumma | Ana Rajcevic Studio

Credits: Marco Donnarumma (Concept, research, artistic direction and programming), Prof. Alberto de Campo (Additional programming and research
Rosalie Laurin – Exhibit and display box design), Dario J. Laganà (Photography), Berlin University of the Arts, Graduiertenschule and Einstein Stiftung (Funding), Berlin Center for Advanced Studies in Arts and Sciences (support) and Baltan Laboratories and Robot Love (Support / Dissemination)

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