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Proteus – Analog digital display that allows for interacting with matter

Created by Maria Smigieska in collaboration with Pierre Cutellic, Proteus project is an analog digital display that allows for interacting with matter. It is an experiment on the modulation of ferrofluid patterns controlled by both magnetic field and robotic interface. It modifies the patterns according to audience interactions using realtime face tracking data. Similarly to digital displays it is based on a discrete grid, but the material ferropixel presents a much richer gradient of emerging patterns.

The project utilizes a KUKA KR3 robot mounted to the wall with a custom magnetic end effector. The interaction is based on realtime data streams between the face tracking software (FaceOSC) and the kukaPrc controller. The robotic behaviour is controlled within Rhino Grasshopper with kukaPrc plugin. A robotically milled wooden table contains 92 dishes filled with a solution of alcohol and ferrofluid.

This preview exhibition presents the first steps, material and natural in perception to understand and learn the physical behaviour of ferrofluid phenomenon. The next steps will focus on the electromagnetic control of those patterns directly through a brain computer interface encoding neural signals and that constitutes hybrid learning system- both natural and artificial. – Maria Smigieska

The project is currently being exhibited at Ars Electronica Center in Linz during the exhibition “Creative Robotics” (09.05.2018- 01.09.2018) curated by Johannes Braumann (RiA)and Kristina Maurer (AEC). Supported by Creative Robotics Lab at University of Arts and Design Linz, KUKA, Robots in Architecture and Ars Electronica Center Linz. Photos credit: Pierre Cutellic, Ars Electronica

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