UX design meets creative technologies at push.conference 2015

push.conference brings together digital professionals aiming to design compelling interactive experiences in the shape of products, apps, websites and installations, inspired by user needs and enabled by creative use of technology and critical thinking.

Two well-balanced days merge the established UX/ UI scene with the potential and skillset of a new generation of creative coders and technologists. As designers ourselves, we run the conference driven by a passion for having an active role in the creative community. Since four years we’ve been carefully curating the most relevant topics and knowledgable speakers to share practical experiences and inspire with visions and examples of what’s next in our field.


Where interaction design heading this year

Truly multi-platform

Great user experiences don’t only happen on the web or in apps. Users live in a world that gets richer day by day where they face different devices, operating systems, wearables, online services, interactive terminals and media installations. They don’t look at your product in an isolated way—and you shouldn’t either when designing it. At push.conference you will meet designers and developers of outstanding digital products on all platforms.

The Internet of Things is finally happening

While we amuse ourselves laughing about the connected fridge, IoT has arrived everywhere around us. The idea of omnipresent connected devices is stronger than ever before and hitting the product lines of startups like Nest as well as those of established players like Apple, Bosch and Siemens. Simone Rebaudengo, self proclaimed speculative interaction designer at frog, and mobile platform expert and author Josh Clark, share with you where this is heading and how we must prepare our products to be ready to succeed in the global networked ecosystem of tomorrow.

Psychology enables even more personal interactions

User research is a great basis to define requirements directions for services and interfaces. Turning insights into the actual features in an interface is however not always so simple. That’s when understanding how emotions and psychology influence our users comes into play. Experience researcher Pamela Pavliscak and founder of UI-patterns.com Anders Toxboe will share their strategies when it comes to harnessing the power of happiness and persuasive UI patterns to create emotional reponses, help make decisions and guide our users.

Process shapes product

With iterative design and lean mindsets, prototyping has become an essential skill in our design process. Heather Daggett, Sr. experience design prototyper at Intuit, will cover when and with which fidelity prototypes inspire or help make decisions, and give advice to designers that face the decision how much of their energy to invest into technology skills.

Rich experiences

As important as a good concept is, it is the actual pixels on a screen that users will see and interact with. Making complex information accessible with interactive visualisations is the expertise of Audrée Lapierre of Montreal based studio FFunction. Dustin Senos, former Head of Design at Medium.com will explain how delightful details and a contextual interface make for a great experience beyond reading content on the web. Finally, we live and design in an age where dynamic use of space inspires interaction design from Google’s Material Design to the first ripples of virtual reality. Preparing for this, motion designer Pasquale d’Silva will propose to us a new approach for structuring multidimensional interfaces.


Confirmed Speakers for 2015

Josh Clark / UX Strategy Designer and author @ Big Medium
Simone Rebaudengo / Speculative Interaction Designer @ Frog
Dustin Senos / former Head of Design @ Medium
Pamela Pavliscak / UX Researcher @ Change Sciences
Anders Toxboe / Founder @ UI-Patterns.com
Benjamin Wiederkehr / Director @ Interactive Things
Heather Daggett / Senior Experience Design Prototyper @ Intuit
Pasquale d’Silva / Founder, Creative Director @ Keezy
Paul Skinner / Creative Director @ Tellart
Audree Lapierre / Information Visualisation Expert @ FFunction
Felix van de Sand / Director Design Strategy @ COBE
Sandra Heinzen / Art Director Online @ Plan.net

Find the full program at www.push-conference.com/2015


You will want to have been there afterwards, so just don’t miss it.

We keep it cozy with 450 guests so tickets sell fast. Come along to learn, get inspired and be part of a keen and like-minded crowd of UX professionals from product teams like Google, BMW or Bosch to visionary consultancies like frog, SinnerSchrader or IDEO. With a single track program across 2 days, a rich interactive exhibition and various networking opportunities you will walk away not only inspired but well prepared for the next project to come.

Tickets & program at www.push-conference.com/2015

See you in October!



The facts in a nutshell

Munich / Germany
23. & 24. of October


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