The Big Browser 3D @ SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul

Latest iteration of the “Big Browser” series of works by Japanese artist Akihiko Taniguchi. This time, the project takes a new twist by using it as a browser for the content of the exhibition using exhibition’s website. Further to this, Akihiko is virtually located on a Google Map, browsing the location of the gallery.

Something Like Me / About Seeing Things – Akihiko Taniguchi

Latest in the series of productions by Japan’s BRDG label and Hip Land Music is the performance by Akihiko Taniguchi titled ‘Something Like Me / About Seeing Things’. The performance is a culmination of Akihiko research into VR and 3D scanning, rendering in real time, synchronized with real world time and presented using Pepper’s Ghost technique in Tokyo’s DMM VR theatre.