May The Force Be With You – Teo Park

Created by Seoul based artists Teo Park, “May the Force be With You” is a kinetic installation that invites visitors to interact with an interactive water tank. The tank uses gravitational force driven by the position of the viewer’s hand movement.


Created by François Quévillon, Waiting for Bárðarbunga is an installaton made of hundreds of video sequences which are presented according to a probabilistic system influenced by real-time sensor information coming from the computer that displays them.

The latest work of Brighton-based artist researcher duo Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman & Joe Gerhardt) pulls back the shiny veneer of cosmology by collaging thousands of raw telescope images into a sculptural projection.

Created by Neil Mendoza, One Degree of Freedom explores interactive projection mapping as a means to touch and interact with an object. Drawing inspiration from marble and pinball machines, the installation gives the mapping illusion an extra layer of depth.

Omnipresenz is an online system in which you can guide the actions of a real human avatar located anywhere in the world.

Patterns of Harmony is an installation comprised of animated fractal of cubes, without containing any physical cubes, rather the reflections and projections of them.

Series of works exploring the subject of drawing images in the space around the earth using latitude, longitude and altitude as a coordinate system.

Created by Iregular, Surface & Bottom is an immersive and reactive space in between two installations created for the Salón de Proyectos Ágape in Bogotá–Colombia, curated by Calos Leal.

In the recent months Mark Wheeler has been working on a series of visual sound experiments by creating openFrameworks apps that you can ‘play’ visually, generating animations from MIDI data….

Kepler’s Dream is an aesthetics exploration investigating analog projection in combination with computationally created object which is given a physical shape through 3D printing

Light Barrier by Kimchi and Chips creates phantoms of light in the air by crossing millions of calibrated beams, creating floating graphic objects which animate through space.

Epilog is a room installation that uses light, sound and haze to create a 25-minute constantly transforming world of moving images and sounds.

Lunar Surface is the latest in the series of projects by the Kimchi and Chips duo investigating digital light as a semi-material to articulate digital visual mass in physical space.

Nimbes is an audio-visual installation designed for 360º immersive environments exploring boundaries between natural and artificial, and questioning the solitary nature of perception and observation and their relationship to both the cosmic and human scale.

Produced by Timo Arnall, Internet Machine is a multi-screen film about the invisible infrastructures of the internet. The film was made to reveal hidden materiality of our data by exploring some of the machines through which ‘the cloud’ is transmitted and transformed.

“The Obverse Box” is a pico projector encased within a CNC-milled block of walnut, a “limited-edition sculptural object” to be released alongside American electronic musician Deru’s forthcoming album “1979”.

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Created by the panGenerator collective, Macrofilm is a permanent interactive installation for The Museum of The History of Polish Jews that combines traditional, tangible experience of browsing through old archives with subtly augmented digital experience.

Created by Seoul based artists Teo Park, “May the Force be With You” is a kinetic installation that invites visitors to interact with an interactive water tank. The tank uses gravitational force driven by the position of the viewer’s hand movement.

The Moment is an exploration of language, how the meaning is formed from words using choreographed typography.

Eno Henze’s set design creates a backdrop for the atmospheric and emotionally resonant choreography by David Dawson for The Royal Ballet.

inFORM is a Dynamic Shape Display that can render 3D content physically, so users can interact with digital information in a tangible way.

Created by Olivier Ratsi, an artist on the ANTIVJ visual label, Onion Skin is a new immersive installation comprised of two walls, positioned at right angles and augmented by a projection and a 5.1 sound broadcast.

Competition submission by Moscow based collective Stain, renders the building as a wireframe, revealing colour which eventually deflects of its structure, slowly turning into a recursion of its structural elements.

Light Leaks is a light installation by Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan comprised of fifty mirror balls projecting controlled light in the room.

What happens when you mix soap bubbles and lasers? Memo Akten, 1/3 of Marshmallow Laser Feast, just got hold of Etherdream DAC laser and has been “messing” with it using openFrameworks.

Perception of Consequence project represents two fluid-evolving forms are placed in a reversible entropic system and simulated to resemble evolving human states and emotions.

ExR3 is an a anamorphic analogue interactive installation that exists coherently in a fractured, mirrored version of a reflected room visible from four points within the real space.

Three things seem to surround us all the time and in great abundance: data visualization, audio visualization and mapping. The team behind TouchDesigner show you how to do all three things at once.

Programmer/artist Brent Watanabe works with painter Cable Griffith to create an interactive landscape painting influenced by Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights”

30 pieces of molded plastic, 2 HD projectors – hovering in the dark of Berlin’s 401contemporary gallery is Robert Seidel’s latest projection sculpture. Suspended from the ceiling and drenched in waves of light the amorph, skeletal structure comes alive – intricate, fragile, otherworldly.

Speculative Sea Level Explorer is an application made using Processing that explores the possible effects flooding should the sea levels change as a result of global warming.




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