Created by Shunichi Kasahara in collaboration with Satoru Higa, Takuto Usami, Shotaro Hirata and Tetsuya Konishi, “Superception” (Super + perception) is a research framework that uses computer technologies to intervene and transform human perception.

HEXPIXELS is a unit for realtime visual expression by Satoru Higa, an artist/programmer renowned for his contribution to openFrameworks community and sound artist/vj/programmer Kezzardrix whose works range from his own interactive installation to live visuals.

This project, a collaboration between Dentsu, Honda Motor and Rhizomatiks brings back Senna’s engine sound from that lap 24 years ago in the form of an installation set on the original Suzuka circuit that uses light and sound.

C++ creative coding toolkit to create realtime feedback environments for dancers is now available for download. Available both as open source download and applications for Mac and Windows to choreograph or rehearse previously programmed scenes.

Created using openFrameworks, this little app Satoru Higa uses screen capture as a music sequencer. Each time app is ran, the transparent window uses the desktop as the source for sound.