Surrogate is a body of work centred around issues of reproductive technology and bodily autonomy comprised of a series of physical and performative inputs and outputs to engage and provoke conversations about the topic.

Created by computational media artist, designer and entrepreneur Andreas Rothaug from Futura Epsis 1, Lumos Ra is a lamp with app-connectivity that interprets music, playfully exploring color gradients: an interactive experience stimulating and merging the visual and acoustic senses.

Created by Giulio Barresi at ECAL (Media and Interaction Design Unit), Connected Tools is a series of objects that explore alternative rituals that could lead to a more reasonable consumption of mobile technologies.

Created by Dries Depoorter & David Surprenant and presented in collaboration with IDFA Doclab, Die With Me is a chat app available for iOS and Android that you can only use when you have less than 5% battery.