object blue & TSVI: Thought Experiment – Organic to electronic evolutionary processes

Created by Matteo Zamagni, this video speculates the shift from organic to electronic evolutionary processes. Cybernetic organisms, partly made of organic structures and part electronic components respond to their environment in a variety of ways at an ever-increasing speed.

The video has been performed live in real-time, recorded, and subsequently edited to retain the best composition and motion. Matteo used Ableton Live, TouchDesigner and Unreal Engine running simultaneously on a ryzen 3700 computer with GTX 2080TI.

The sound originates within Ableton Live as individual stems where each stem correspond to a specific sound of the song (kick, snare, main synth, hi-hat and so forth)  each sounds get analysed via an OSC plugin and sends out its value into TouchDesigner for further processing. Finally the interpolated data in TouchDesigner is sent to Unreal Engine to be used for sound reaction.

Project Page | Matteo Zamagni | FactMag

Created by: Matteo Zamagni
Music: object blue & TSVI
Special credits : Wouter Weynants, Art Hiteca, Chris Murphy




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