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Posting a Job:

Easy. Just follow our two-step procedure:
Step 1 complete and submit our online job form.
Step 2 once your ad was reviewed by our admin staff and the payment has been made via paypal the job ad will be posted. If the ad is not accepted for whatever reason it is most probably because we did not feel it is appropriate for CAN readers. Please allow at least 48 hours for processing once the payment has been received. If it is a weekend this may take longer.


Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

No financial information such as debit or credit cards are stored on the website or in any formats.

Submitting Your Job Advert

To place a job advert via (CAN Website) you must post your advert using the online submission form provided on the CAN Website via the “Post a Job Advert” page. All compulsory fields in the online submission form must be correctly completed by you. You are responsible for ensuring all details submitted are complete and accurate. Additional terms added by you in your job advert submission will be void.

Once you have posted the job, please proceed to the paypal page to make a payment. Only then, when the payment has been received, will the CAN staff review your posting and proceed with publishing it on the CAN site.

CAN reserves the right to refuse to publish any job advert submitted by you on the CAN Jobs Website at CAN’s discretion. CAN will send a refusal notification to you if this is the case and the job advert will then not be published on the CAN Website. This period for approval or refusal of your job advert by CAN will ordinarily be 48 hours, but time will not be of the essence for to CAN to respond to the submission of your job advert.

In the event that CAN agrees to publish your submitted job advert request it will be published on the CAN Website, either in its submitted form or in an edited form amended by CAN at its discretion. You will be notified by CAN by email when your job advert has been published.

Several identical employment positions can be included in a single job advert, but if you wish to advertise different employment positions then you must submit separate job adverts for each separate employment position and pay separately for such additional job adverts.

Format and Editing of Your Job Advert

The Job Advert will be a text advertisement (maximum 600 words) and there is a function to include a single image with each ad.

CAN reserves the right during the period that the job advert is published on the CAN Website to edit or delete unacceptable content in or take down your job advert. Unacceptable content is content which:

• infringes third party intellectual property rights including (including trade marks, copyright, design rights, patents);
• is illegal or defamatory, or which may bring CAN or the CAN Website into disrepute;
• offends the spirit of good taste or decency (breaches advertising codes).

You promise to CAN that you will be truthful and honest in your use of this job advertising service and information and representations in your job advert will not contain any of the unacceptable content referred to above. You also promise to CAN that you will deal with end-users of the CAN Website who may respond to your job advert in a prompt, responsible, friendly, and reasonable manner.

If CAN edits your job advert you acknowledge that CAN will not exercise a review of the legality of the content of your job advert and you will be responsible and liable for the content of your job advert, notwithstanding editing by CAN.
You may ask CAN to make reasonable amendments to your job advert by sending a notice by email to CAN clearly indicating the amendment you require but CAN makes no guarantee that any such amendment will be made and will only make such amendments at its discretion.


You acknowledge and accept that the advertising service on CAN Website does not include any arrangement or employment agency services and will be a simple advertising service. The scope of this service will not include assistance forming or performing employment contracts between you and end-users of the CAN Website who may respond to your job advert for which you will be solely responsible.

You understand and accept that CAN will at no time enter into any contract with end-users of the CAN Website in relation to the employment position(s) advertised by you in your job advert and CAN does not promise you that you will receive responses to your job advert from end-users of the CAN Website.

The CAN Website will not be error free or uninterrupted and access to the CAN Website may be variable. The CAN Website may be attacked by computer viruses which may effect or restrict access to or the appearance of your job advert. Some occasional downtime may temporarily prevent your job advert being viewed on the CAN Website. CAN disclaims its legal liability for such events.

CAN will not be legally liable to you for any consequential losses (i.e. loss of revenue, loss of business, loss of goodwill, loss or damage to data or information arising out of or in connection with the provision of the service of publishing your job advert on the CAN Website.

Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights including (including trade marks, copyright, design rights, patents) in the CAN Website (except in job adverts on the CAN Website) is owned by CAN, and nothing in these terms will transfer ownership of such of CAN intellectual property rights in the same on the Advertiser.

In consideration of CAN agreeing to publish your job advert on the CAN Website, you grant CAN a world-wide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to reproduce and display your job advert (including all contents, intellectual property and features) on the CAN Website.

Cancellation and Termination

If you want to cancel this Agreement you must send a cancellation notice to CAN by e-mail (clearly stating that you wish to cancel publication of your job advert on the CAN Website and which job advert your cancellation request applies to). CAN will comply with your cancellation request within a reasonable time by removing the relevant job advert from the CAN Website. This Agreement will then terminate.

Your job advert will be removed from the CAN Website unless a notice in writing (which may be by email) is received by CAN requesting that publication of your job advert be renewed for a further 30 day period. CAN will endeavour to send out a reminder notice (which may be by email) regarding the expiry of the current 30-day period, but does not guarantee that such a reminder will be sent. This may be repeated at the end of each 30-day period as required, subject to payment of fees due. No refunds are available. CAN keeps an archive of all Job ads on the site. This archive is accessible to CAN members only.

If you don’t renew your job advert as above, CAN will remove your job advert from the public areas of the website.


CAN may assign its rights or obligations under these terms at anytime. You may not assign your rights or obligations under these terms without CAN’s prior written consent. CAN will not be liable for failure to meet its obligations under these terms if it is prevented from doing so due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

Governing Law

These terms will be governed by English law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.