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Looks Like Music – Yuri Suzuki at Mudam 2013

yuri-suzuki-colour-chaser_12 copy


Back in 2008, for his Royal College of Art graduation show, Yuri Suzuki presented work which involved an innovative way of playing conventional vinyl records, including a miniature electric circuit constructed from pieces of old records on which small cars circulate and transmit sound. This miniature vehicle incorporates miniature sensor that detects and follows a black line whilst it reads crossing coloured lines and translates them as RGB data into sound. Users could draw a randomly shaped circuit using a black marker pen on a piece of paper and the colour chaser followed the line.

In 2010, the project took shape and presented as “Colour Chaser”, beautifully designed but minimal vehicles in the shape of a box with an on/off button and the speaker located at the top. What was intriguing about this little machine is that its simplicity could generate richness off sometimes hectic drawings on the paper.

For its summer project in 2013, Mudam’s Publics Department invited Yuri to conceive Looks Like Music, an audiovisual installation based on his work with Colour Chaser. The public is invited to actively contribute to the development of the installation in the exhibition space by extending the circuit drawn on paper. Visitors thus participate in the creation of a large-scale artwork and enrich a collectively composed sound piece. A series of events and workshops accompanies the project during the month of August.

Below are videos from this workshop including photos from Yuri’s flickr showing preparations and new alternative designs for the event.

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