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Since 2008, CreativeApplications.Net has been a driving force, tirelessly influencing and shaping the conversations surrounding technology, society, and critical making. With a vast library boasting over 3,500 meticulously curated projects, experiments, texts, and reviews, CAN stands resolute as an unparalleled resource for students, educators, practitioners, curators, and cultural producers alike, serving as an enduring beacon guiding them through the complexities of the digital era.

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CAN has been a critical voice in our digital arts mediascape, diving into art and artists that have few other outlets

Chris Coleman

CAN is as close as our community has to a “journal of record”—with an archive of nearly 5000 articles documenting new media artworks dating back to 2008

Golan Levin

CAN is responsible for promoting and cataloguing the digital art scene of the last 15 years while it was happening under our eyes

Andreas Gysin

What these guys are doing for the creative community is basically a public service

Regine Debatty

Why memberships?

Operating with extremely limited resources, each contribution is invaluable. Presently, we’re barely over 60% of our necessary funding, highlighting the stark reality of the starved publishing field. Now, behind the scenes, there’s a whirlwind of activity. Countless hours are poured into researching, curating, editing, developing, maintaining, and managing this platform each month. Our primary goal remains constant: to enhance and refine the features we offer and continue making a valuable contribution to the field –– read more.

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