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Kadenze: The Future of Creative Education

Kadenze brings together the world’s leading educators, artists, and engineers to create an online community where we can learn art and creative technology. Want to explore the creative coding worlds of Processing and p5.js? How about using machine learning to create a gesture based gaming controller? From generative graphics and creative coding to physical modeling synthesis for games and interactive systems, the Kadenze catalog is full of courses designed specifically for artists and it’s growing larger every day.

Kadenze is unique in that it is built by artists for artists. Every lesson is interactive, every assignment is creative, and every instructor is at the top of their field. Below is a small sampling of some courses you can jump into right now.

Introduction to Programming for the Visual Arts with p5.js

In “Introduction to Programming for the Visual Arts with P5.js”, students learn how to turn their ideas into dynamic interactive artwork and web applications. Brought to you by UCLA’s Design Media Arts program, learn p5.js from it’s creators, Casey Reas, Lauren McCarthy, and Chandler McWilliams. Learn more…

Machine Learning for Musicians and Artists

In “Machine Learning for Musicians and Artists”, Goldsmiths University of London’s Rebecca Fiebrink teaches students how to use machine learning techniques as a tool for creating new musical instruments, interactive art installations, full-body gaming controllers, and a whole host of other artistic projects. Learn more…

Physics-Based Sound Synthesis for Games and Interactive Systems

Brought to you by Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, “Physics-Based Sound Synthesis” teaches you how to apply real-world physics for synthesizing new sounds. Taught by the world’s leading experts in digital signal processing and physical modeling, Perry Cook and Julius O. Smith explore both the theory and the practice of applying these techniques to sound design, video games, foley, virtual reality, interactive art installations, and much more. Learn more…

Introduction to Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists

In “Introduction to Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists”, California Institute of the Art’s Ajay Kapur shows you how to make electronic music while learning object-oriented programming in ChucK. Guest lecturers include ChucK’s inventor Ge Wang, longtime language contributor Spencer Salazar, and DSP guru Perry Cook. Learn more…

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