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Window Display for Issey Miyake by Drawing and Manual

Window Display for Issey Miyake_08 copy

Created by Tokyo based collective “Drawing and Manual”, this custom made window display uses traditional split-flap mechanics to communicate Issey Miyake brand to passers-by. 

Constructed out of 42 perspex made split-flaps, each column is controlled by a single Arduino, in total 7 of them construct images in tandem or individually by controlling servos in each. Images vary from Issey Miyake designs to clothes folds, constantly changing and reconstructing images. Casings are made using Roland iModela milling machine and images printed and paper cut by hand. Since it’s all made for Issey Miyake, as expected, craftsmanship is at it’s best.

Art Director:Tetsuro Tsuji, Yusuke Kobayashi
Technical Director/Programmer :Tetsuro Tsuji
Designer:Tomoya Kamiko, Takaharu Shimizu

“Drawing and Manual” are interested in the shifting the understanding of design, which has been closely associated with computer work, to realign it with handwork. Once we took on this mission, our hands, feet, and mind began moving. We began using pencils and scissors, standing and moving, walking in the city, and observing and talking to people. We then realized that arts and crafts are the basis for dynamic design.

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  • Tom Lynch

    Great project, nice to see this technology seeing a revival, I have been working on a project myself around this.

    FYI: They’re called split-flap displays not flip-flap displays.

  • Thanks Tom, my mind wondering off…somewhere.

  • Austin Steve

    That is very cool! Excellent work!