Filip Visnjic

Editor-in-chief at CreativeApplications.Net, co-founder and editorial director at HOLO Magazine, director of platform at FRM and researcher/lecturer at the University of Westminster, London.

VR Projects @ ECAL MID 2020 – Object, Body, Movement and Environment

FRAME Lab – ECAL/Kylan Luginbühl Created by Kylan Luginbühl, ‘FRAME-Lab’ offers a series of immersive experiences that explores a different way of interacting with a virtual reality environment. The traditional controller is replaced by a physical frame that enables you to explore various worlds and it’s functionalities. This new interface, both tangible and digital, can […]

29/10/2020 in Arduino&Education&Environment&Unity

Pump and Surf – Exchanging physical energy for digital information

Created by Aurélien Pellegrini at ECAL , ‘Pump and Surf’ encourages internet users to find out how much energy is spent when they are surfing the internet. The user is asked to make a physical effort equal to the energy required to convey the data that will enable the site to be displayed.

27/10/2020 in Arduino&Environment&Javascript&Objects

Invisible Network – A ‘social network’ for the machines

‘Invisible Network’ is a portable device that makes communication between machines perceptible and tangible. This device acts as a mediator between the user and the machines that surround him. Through its screen, it indicates the relations that it maintains with its personal environment.

20/10/2020 in Arduino&Environment

Sai Ga / KJZAA# – Ksawery Komputery

Created by Ksawery Komputery, the work is comprised of is a video and the promotional website for Sai Ga, taking on the graphic theme and having a close look at pixels.

29/09/2020 in Processing

The Entropy Gardens – A spatiotemporal poem in VR

Created by Vienna based Depart, ‘The Entropy Gardens’ is an explorative VR experience that challenges one of humanity’s most archetypical art forms – garden making. It explores its myths, aesthetics and modes of perception.

28/09/2020 in Environment&Unity

24h Sunrise/Sunset – The beauty of unsecured CCTV cameras

Created by Dries Depoorter, ’24h Sunrise/Sunset’ is an installation that displays a realtime sunset and sunrise somewhere happening in the world with the use of CCTV.

19/08/2020 in Arduino&Python

On Framing Textile Ambiguities – Nathalie Gebert

Created by Nathalie Gebert, ‘On Framing Textile Ambiguities’ is artistic research on situated objectivities at the intersection of textile processing and computer history. The installation is the output of a critical investigation on social and technical developments that led to the current local technological situation. Beyond being a metaphor for the theoretical framework of Donna […]

10/08/2020 in Arduino

A studio sun system with light-artist Arnout Meijer – Random Studio

Created by Random Studio in collaboration with Arnout Meijer and RWA Electronics, the project is comprised of a lighting system in Random’s studio that emulates the movement of the sun and the ever-evolving states of natural light.

30/07/2020 in Environment

Looom – Flipbook animation app for the iPad, reimagined

Looom is a flipbook animation app for the iPad, reimagined. It invites users to a new way of creating hand-drawn animation.

30/06/2020 in iOS

Silk Pavilion II – Mediated Matter Group at the MoMA

Latest in the series of groundbreaking projects by Mediated Matter Group (MIT Media Lab) is the new successor to the Silk Pavilion (2013) project, results currently on show (subject to COVID-19 restrictions) at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The project utilizes an integrated kinetic mandrel designed to guide the natural spinning motion […]

29/06/2020 in Environment&Robotics

Face Nature – Future of the head and sensory apparatus

Created by Madeline Schwartzman, “Face Nature” is a series of experiments produced within the context of See Yourself X: Human Futures Expanded (SYX), a recent publication by Madeline that looks at human perception and the sensory apparatus and questions what will be the physical future of the head and the sensory apparatus in fifty years time.

11/06/2020 in Arduino&Robotics

Aberration Lab – Participatory light drawing

Created by VTProDesign, ‘Aberration Lab’ is a participatory art experience that alchemizes user-submitted tweets into long exposure light paintings drawn in real time by a Kuka robot.

29/05/2020 in Robotics&TouchDesigner