Greg J. Smith

A writer and editor based in Toronto, Greg is interested in media art and its broader cultural implications. Beyond contributing to CAN, he is the Editor-in-Chief of HOLO and serves on the Board of Directors at InterAccess.
Posts by Greg J. Smith:

Programming Coordinator at InterAccess

The Toronto-based media/electronic art gallery InterAccess is looking for a new Programming Coordinator.

19/10/2016 in Jobs-Featured

After Urban Screens – Dave Colangelo on Massive Media

Dave Colangelo, a researcher and artist focused on the role media plays in the city. An Assistant Professor at the Portland State University in the School of Theatre + Film, and a member of the Public Visualization Studio, Colangelo chatted with CAN about media façades, public art, and Pokémon Go.

26/09/2016 in Theory

Building Towards a Point of Always Building – Digital Design Theory

CAN reviews “Digital Design Theory,” a recent Princeton Architectural Press text compiling writing from over five decades of thought on computation and design.

26/08/2016 in Review

Playin’ the Pavement – Daily tous les jours’ Mesa Musical Shadows

Mesa Musical Shadows is a permanent “singing pavement” installation, designed by Montréal’s Daily tous les jours for the north plaza at the Mesa Arts Center in Arizona.

12/07/2016 in MaxMSP

Too Much Information – Keiichi Matsuda’s vision for augmented and mixed reality

Riding high on the wave of massive interest in his most recent work “Hyper-Reality,” which depicts a super-mediated Medellín, Colombia of the near future, director/designer Keiichi Matsuda chats with CAN about augmented reality, Silicon Valley, and CGI shopping companions.

07/06/2016 in Theory

Art after Silicon Valley – A conversation with the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts team

The Gray Area Foundation for the Arts has been active in San Francisco for a decade. On the eve of the second edition of their eponymous festival, CAN chats with the Gray Area team about their ongoing educational and programming initiatives.

13/04/2016 in Education&Events

Flippaper – Player-sketched pinball

A collaboration by artists Jérémie Cortial Roman Miletitch, Flippaper is an interactive pinball console in which players can draw their own playfield.

05/04/2016 in Cinder

When the Machine Made Art – Grant Taylor traces the origins of computational creativity

CAN interviews Grant D. Taylor, author of the 2014 book “When the Computer Made Art: The Troubled History of Computer Art,” on the past, present and future of digital art.

31/03/2016 in Theory

Light, Space, Rhythm – A conversation with Florence To

CAN interviews Florence To, a Rotterdam-based art director and installation artist focused on audiovisual performance and the creation of immersive environments.

24/03/2016 in Environment

Line Wobbler – A one-dimensional dungeon crawler

Designed by Robin Baumgarten, Line Wobbler is a one-dimensional arcade game that emerges from the combination of a unique ‘wobble’ controller and an LED strip.

23/03/2016 in Arduino

A P P A R E L – Clothing in the age of data accumulation and machine learning

A P P A R E L is an augmented reality experimental fashion prototype by the Paris-based anticipatory design studio N O R M A L S. Turning data and network activity into identity and style, the project replaces the details of contemporary couture with jiggly mesh geometry digital overlays.

10/02/2016 in iOS&openFrameworks

Facets of ‘New Making’ – Tektonics at ACT Festival

Huge stroboscopic datastreams, hypnotic human-machine choreographies, a cacophony of Korean, Japanese, English, German, and French – ten weeks ago, from November 25th to 28th 2015, an unlikely cross-cultural exchange took over the all new ACT Center in Gwangju, South Korea. More than a hundred artists, designers, curators, and educators answered our invitation to add their work and voice to the inaugural edition of ACT Festival, an opening celebration for the center’s monumental facilities.

05/02/2016 in CAN Events