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06/08/2014 / ontheweb

As a designer, technologist and artist, Greg Borenstein has mined science fiction for storytelling tools that help communicate how new technologies feel and what they might mean to our world. In this talk, Greg presents projects that show some ...
    15e Èdition Festival Mutek 2014

17/06/2014 / CAN Events

[caption id="attachment_42641" align="alignnone" width="640"] Matt Thibideau & Markus Heckman perform Reclusion[/caption] We have allowed enough time to let our eyes rest after a retinally challenging week at EM15 in Montreal and it is time to check in with an overview of the proceedings. EM15 emerged from the combination of Elektra ...

15/05/2014 / CAN Events

[caption id="attachment_42290" align="alignnone" width="640"] Atom™ at Elektra 2013[/caption] While Montreal’s spring festival offerings are always impressive, the announcement that MUTEK and Elektra were teaming up this year to co-present EM15 was met with much enthusiasm here at CAN. In each of their fifteen-year histories, ...
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12/05/2014 / Objects

While the piecemeal music purchasing that MP3 singles allow are oft-cited as signalling “the death of the album,” the format continues to show signs of life. Beyonce’s recent ‘surprise’ release was billed as a “visual album” and a whopping seventeen short ...

25/04/2014 / Objects

Keeping in line with her prolonged interest in representing urban flows, Tori Foster’s Cadence transforms vehicular activity into a four-minute loop of flowing streams of animated electromagnetic flip-discs. Drawing on footage of rush hour from a busy Toronto highway, the display distills ...

22/04/2014 / Sound

Constructed by Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon within San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) new exhibition series Control: Technology in Culture, It Only Happens All of the Time is an installation that shapes sound, movement, and perception. Architectural in ambition, the installation tasks visitors with ...

11/04/2014 / ontheweb

DBLG's in-house studio projects are a platform for us to experiment with creative ideas and above all have fun. For this project we wanted to explore and combine 3d animation, 3D printing with stop frame animation. via DBLG.

09/04/2014 / ontheweb

Madrid’s venerable MediaLab-Prado is in trouble. MediaLab-Prado, located here in Madrid, is on the cutting edge of investigative practises related to Free Culture and Commons. It’s also one of the collaborative spaces where the initial gestalt of the 15M movement was ...

21/03/2014 / ontheweb

“If you’re a basketball player, and you speak basketball, you need to speak to a robot in basketball,” says Kinnebrew, who previously spent eight years as a creative director for Microsoft. “If you’re a chef, and you speak cooking, you ...

17/03/2014 / Review

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more influential pair of practitioners working within the ‘critical design’ space than Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby, and rightly so, given they coined the term almost two decades ago. In recent years the duo ...
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04/03/2014 / ontheweb

Ten years from now, video games are so immersive that gamers learn lethal skills just by playing. They’re called hapheads. More info.
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24/02/2014 / ontheweb

Legendary film editor, sound designer, writer, translator, amateur astronomer and director Walter Murch needs no introduction. (Oh, what the hell, his credits include The Conversation, Apocalypse Now, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Tetroand more.) In addition to being a great filmmaker, he’s also a great ...
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14/01/2014 / ontheweb

CFP for ‘sound and the everyday’ residency.

31/12/2013 / ontheweb

Ed Burton rides again.
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19/12/2013 / ontheweb

CFP for work related to 'Open Culture' to be presented at the Toronto festival (May 16-25, 2014).
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19/12/2013 / ontheweb

Listen to and explore ambisonic B-Format audio files played as stereo.

06/12/2013 / Featured, Theory

In recent years, the speculative design arms race has accelerated to a dizzying blur. In taking stock of the provocative fictions like those exhibited by Dunne & Raby, augmented by Keiichi Matsuda, or broadcast on Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror, one can’t ...

04/12/2013 / ontheweb

Pettis on patents and the (troubling) lawsuit against Afinia

07/11/2013 / ontheweb

Keiichi Matsuda is kickstarting a series of short design fiction films.
Benedikt Groß's work is frequently noted here on CAN, so far in 2013 we've posted three of his projects. Since executing his inventive Avena+ Test Bed, which 'programmed' the biodiversity of a South German agricultural plot, he's teamed up with an American cartographer ...

04/10/2013 / ontheweb

Gmail email spookification for the NSA.
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02/10/2013 / ontheweb

Robert Wong from Google Creative Labs summarizes design fiction.

26/09/2013 / ontheweb

Smart Motors you Control from a Browser.

12/09/2013 / Featured, Review, Theory

In architecture and design-related circles, author and educator Geoff Manaugh needs little introduction. Through a consistently revelatory and often dizzying stream of spatial polemics hatched at his blog BLDGBLOG, Manaugh has spun-off his interest in architecture, science and the environment ...

04/09/2013 / ontheweb

An exhibition of films, texts and objects which make networked technological systems visible.

21/08/2013 / ontheweb

Kieran Nolan's 'meta game' exploring interface constraints
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15/08/2013 / ontheweb

Xbox Canada goes behind the scenes with David Footman, Ubisoft's Cinematics Director.
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15/08/2013 / ontheweb

Web application for comparing data from sixteen global cities.

30/07/2013 / ontheweb

Gary Shteyngart tells a super sad true glass story

12/07/2013 / Sound

From his early and important locative media projects with the KNIFEANDFORK collective and onwards, the Brooklyn and Providence-based artist Brian House has been scrutinizing space and narrative. The body of work he's developed in subsequent years has yielded some rather savvy ...
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