Greg J. Smith

A writer and editor based in Toronto, Greg is interested in media art and its broader cultural implications. Beyond contributing to CAN, he is the Editor-in-Chief of HOLO and serves on the Board of Directors at InterAccess.
Posts by Greg J. Smith:

Hidden in Plain Sight – Julian Oliver’s Stealth Cell Tower

Julian Oliver’s latest hardware provocation is a fake cellular tower masquerading as an HP laserjet printer. The device evokes ubiquitous ‘StingRay’ surveillance technology and the real (fake) cell towers that pepper urban landscape.

02/11/2016 in Objects

Programming Coordinator at InterAccess

The Toronto-based media/electronic art gallery InterAccess is looking for a new Programming Coordinator.

19/10/2016 in Jobs-Featured

After Urban Screens – Dave Colangelo on Massive Media

Dave Colangelo, a researcher and artist focused on the role media plays in the city. An Assistant Professor at the Portland State University in the School of Theatre + Film, and a member of the Public Visualization Studio, Colangelo chatted with CAN about media façades, public art, and Pokémon Go.

26/09/2016 in Theory

Building Towards a Point of Always Building – Digital Design Theory

CAN reviews “Digital Design Theory,” a recent Princeton Architectural Press text compiling writing from over five decades of thought on computation and design.

26/08/2016 in Review

Playin’ the Pavement – Daily tous les jours’ Mesa Musical Shadows

Mesa Musical Shadows is a permanent “singing pavement” installation, designed by Montréal’s Daily tous les jours for the north plaza at the Mesa Arts Center in Arizona.

12/07/2016 in MaxMSP

Too Much Information – Keiichi Matsuda’s vision for augmented and mixed reality

Riding high on the wave of massive interest in his most recent work “Hyper-Reality,” which depicts a super-mediated Medellín, Colombia of the near future, director/designer Keiichi Matsuda chats with CAN about augmented reality, Silicon Valley, and CGI shopping companions.

07/06/2016 in Theory

Art after Silicon Valley – A conversation with the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts team

The Gray Area Foundation for the Arts has been active in San Francisco for a decade. On the eve of the second edition of their eponymous festival, CAN chats with the Gray Area team about their ongoing educational and programming initiatives.

13/04/2016 in Education&Events

Flippaper – Player-sketched pinball

A collaboration by artists Jérémie Cortial Roman Miletitch, Flippaper is an interactive pinball console in which players can draw their own playfield.

05/04/2016 in Cinder

When the Machine Made Art – Grant Taylor traces the origins of computational creativity

CAN interviews Grant D. Taylor, author of the 2014 book “When the Computer Made Art: The Troubled History of Computer Art,” on the past, present and future of digital art.

31/03/2016 in Theory

Light, Space, Rhythm – A conversation with Florence To

CAN interviews Florence To, a Rotterdam-based art director and installation artist focused on audiovisual performance and the creation of immersive environments.

24/03/2016 in Environment

Line Wobbler – A one-dimensional dungeon crawler

Designed by Robin Baumgarten, Line Wobbler is a one-dimensional arcade game that emerges from the combination of a unique ‘wobble’ controller and an LED strip.

23/03/2016 in Arduino

A P P A R E L – Clothing in the age of data accumulation and machine learning

A P P A R E L is an augmented reality experimental fashion prototype by the Paris-based anticipatory design studio N O R M A L S. Turning data and network activity into identity and style, the project replaces the details of contemporary couture with jiggly mesh geometry digital overlays.

10/02/2016 in iOS&openFrameworks