Author: Greg J. Smith


Bears on Stairs

DBLG’s in-house studio projects are a platform for us to experiment with creative ideas and above all have fun. For this project we wanted to explore and combine 3d animation, 3D printing with stop frame animation. via DBLG.


MediaLab-Prado faces closure

Madrid’s venerable MediaLab-Prado is in trouble. MediaLab-Prado, located here in Madrid, is on the cutting edge of investigative practises related to Free Culture and Commons. It’s also one of the collaborative spaces where the initial gestalt of the 15M movement was born. 7 million Euros of public funds was invested by the local government in […]

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Walter Murch: From The Godfather to the God Particle

Legendary film editor, sound designer, writer, translator, amateur astronomer and director Walter Murch needs no introduction. (Oh, what the hell, his credits include The Conversation, Apocalypse Now, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Tetroand more.) In addition to being a great filmmaker, he’s also a great teacher and talker about film. Here, at the 2013 Sheffield Doc Fest, where he accompanied […]